Thursday, March 27, 2008

Piano Recital

Wednesday night was our piano recital. Picture 35 people crammed into my living room. It was fun, but WARM! Everyone did a great job, I have 10 students, so it went pretty fast. We were done in about 20 minutes. Perfect. My favorite student (Ainsley, of course) did a great job! I was so proud of her, she is awesome.


JACK's house said...

ok so I have a question? How come you are teaching in Arizona and you never did here?????

Ainsley did great too!!

Sims Family said...

Kim, it's because I thought Ryan was going to lose his job a while back. A little extra $ was important at the time! I'll probably cut back after the baby. :)

cousincassidy1996 said...

Great Job Ainsley!! That was excellent for a 7 year old!!! I can't wait to hear more!!! And good job Whitney on teaching her!!!


Meredith & Steve said...

Lindsay desperately wants to take piano...wanna take a student who has no piano or keyboard? We hope to have a piano but may start small with a decent keyboard.

brittanyc said...

I didn't know you were teaching piano again! You would be a fun teacher, I'm sure. I always love to hear about your family!
PS...I'm so glad you spent Easter Sunday with the Harrison's! Have you guys hit it off? I hope so!

shay said...

That's great you're able to teach piano for some extra $$$$ and still stay at home! How are you doing? Isn't there supposed to be a baby anytime now?