Sunday, October 28, 2007

Soccer Super Stars!

I know it's been a LONG while since I've updated, but I had to start getting organized again. Ainsley has had such a great soccer season this year. Her team was just invited to play at the ASU girls soccer game (during the halftime.) She was lucky enough to have grandpa and Lori here, too. Although it was an honor, it was actually an unorganized mess. If you know Ainsley, that is unacceptable. :) They played another team that was the SAME uniform colors (smart!) and didn't even have goals set up. "Pretend this line is your net." Also, they sent all 12 girls on both teams out at the same time. It was horrible, but so fun to watch! Ainsley is a fantastic soccer player and we are so proud of her. Those ASU girls are huge!
Brandon's team is called the Tigers. We make goals with the kids for every game and Brandon's are like touching the ball 5 times with your foot. Or not crying during the game. This last game he forgot all about chasing the ball. The opposing team was full of girls (unusual) and he was preoccupied with this. He kept chasing them and pushing them. He thought they were cute, I guess. He is learning and doing a great job!!!! We'll see if the January season holds more soccer for him. We're thinking of switching to baseball?