Thursday, March 20, 2008

Whitney's painting woes :(

Maybe in my subconcious somewhere I have been hoping to not live in this house very long. Maybe I have been expecting this business venture to fail? Well, it is most obviously NOT going to fail, and we are here in this house. Even though we have bought a ton of furniture, this house still is not MINE. You know when you feel a sense of belonging? I've decided it's because it's tan. The WHOLE HOUSE is tan. BORING!!!!We haven't painted a darned thing except my bedroom. That, by the way, is my favorite shade of blue and is my favorite room in the house.

So I, in my maternal nesting instincts, have decided to personalize this house a little. One room at a time. We decided to start with the nursery. The previous owners left us NO indication of the brand or shade of tan they painted this place. So, I peeled some off and took it to the local Sherwin Williams (my favorite brand of paint) for some color matching. Oh my. Not Good.

Look at this pic! Isn't it horrible? We have places all over this house that need touch up, and it looks like my room-by-room paint job will have to be sooner than we thought. Ryan ran around touching up everything, and now we have a horrible splotchy house.

We will be painting a lovely light pink around these baby stripes this evening. Any ideas on colors for my living room?


brittanyc said...

I'm so glad you're painting!! Color is my favorite and it definitely makes everything seem "homey". TAKE PICS and send them as you go. Are you still liking yellows? You could go that way for your living room.
Well, enjoy your project!

Hoopes Home said...

Red??? it would look so cool with your kitchen.

JACK's house said...

Ok-- Look at the color of your furniture and go from there. It really helps to draw the room together.

Meredith & Steve said...

I probably cannot help since I am painting OVER all my personalized colors like red and olive and camel with a neutral color. Good luck!!!