Monday, September 25, 2006

Soccer and talents

Saturday was Ainsley's first soccer game. The score was something like 85 - 3. Ainsley's team is called the Pink Panthers and even though they lost, she was thrilled to make the last goal.

Brandon had a talent show at school. It was very low key. Some kids did smiling or sommersualts for their talents. Brandon wanted to show that he was good at sharing. He brought his favorite toy, but when he saw all the kids and their parents there, he got so nervous, he didn't do anything.

Monday, September 04, 2006

9/4/06 - Labor Day

This was a week of firsts for Ainsley. She learned to blow bubbles with bubble gum, whistle, and she counted to 1,000. That was really fun for Whitney to listen to all day long. :) School is going great for her. She is doing different classwork than the rest of the class because she is ahead. Friday was PE and they joined together with a class of 2nd graders and practiced hula hooping. Ainsley was the only one in both classes to do it (and she did it with two hoops!) Everyone was way impressed.
Brandon is just my happy boy. He likes to go grocery shopping with me and just hang out. What a sweetie. He went into the doctor for his swollen glands. They've been REALLY big for about 3 months. We are going to have to bring him into an ENT sometime this month.
We also let the butterflies go on Saturday. As one went flying happily into the distance a bird flew out of a tree and chomped it up. Thank heavens the kids didn't notice.
Whitney is busy getting ready for the Primary program this month. It's the chorister's busiest time of the year! Ryan was hoping to get a call in Young Mens this month but was sorely disappointed. The CubMaster was sent to Iraq and Ryan is now in charge of all the meetings. If you know him at all, you know this is WAY WAY WAY out of his comfort zone. I think it is hilareous. He's not exactly sure how to handle boys this age.