Sunday, January 31, 2010

Alexa's haircut

Just trying my hardest to get a good picture of Alexa's haircut.

Not my day. But thanks for the cut, Meg!

Sadly, the best pic of the day.


Remember this old friend? Oooh. The memories. Remember the pool bid lady who came in and said, "The 70's called and they want their microwave back?" (She DIDN"T get my job!)
Well, it's going bye bye.

Because me so spoiled!!!!

What do you think of the new member of our family? This 60" baby is making itself right at home!

BUT WAIT! Before you pull yourself off the floor thinking Ryan bought me this puppy for Valentines Day or some other crazy notion. I must explain.

This was a free gift from my neighbors! I TOLD you I was spoiled.
About a year ago my friend Tracy gave me a full room full of furniture for Brandon. 2 weeks ago I was walking down the street when some neighbor I don't even know stopped me and asked me if I wanted some nice maple dressers. And they happened to match Ainsley's bed perfectly so I can pass hers on to Alexa. And now, a TV.
Sara and Jim bought a new TV and GAVE this one to us. They were tired of the blue tint that wold cost about $500 to fix and is creeping from the left side of the screen. Blue is good for me!

I am feeling so grateful. Wow.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Goals ROCK

Last night when I was going to bed I found Brandon asleep on my part of the bed.

I hate warm sheets. But that is another story.

When Ryan lifted him out to carry him to his room I found he was sleeping on this large rock.

It says, "Remember. Read scriptures Privately." hmmm. Firstly, how does one SLEEP with their head on a rock that is 6" in diameter? Secondly, does my daughter really think she can strong arm me into accomplishing my goal? :) So Ryan came back in the room laughing his butt off. hahaha. "That is great. You know she wouldn't have done that if you would just read every day!" He is still chuckling out loud when he turns off the light and lays down. KLUNK! Guess what what hiding underneath his pillow?

And that should answer your questions as to whether or not Brandon's newly painted room is keeping him in his own bed.

Entering a new galaxy

So if you saw the spill, you saw the bright blue. We decided to make a deal with Brandon that we would paint his room like Star Wars if he would sleep in his own bed and quit climbing in with Ainsley. (It was driving her nuts.) This is the Death Star. We are still waiting for Ryan to make some of those tie fighters. Having a son into Star Wars has taught me so much. I've never seen one of those movies all the way through.

Did it work? See the next post!


While I waqs folding laundry this morning I came across Ryan's pair of Abercrombie jeans and his BYU shirt. What do you think?
We had a large spill (or two) while he was painting Brandon's room. (See following post.)
Here is the question. Why is it that when you spill bright blue paint it can't be on your Old Navy jeans? The BYU shirt is expendable. But Abercrombie? bye bye money.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Wind Cave at Usery Pass

We figured if the 2nd grade could do this hike, so could we. Whew! We forgot to take into account 2 things. Ryan's 20 pound backpack (aka Alexa) and the 45 pound kid I literally dragged up the mountain (aka Brandon.) Yeah yeah. They only look happy here because it's on the way down.

The girls were awesome. No complaining with happy smiley faces. They made it worth it!

Here we were at the top, surrounded by bees. (minus me taking the click)
True conversation on the way up.
Jake: I am going to die.
Megan: No you aren't. Keep going, you are doing great!
Jake: Can I see your cell phone?
Megan: I left it in the car. Who are you going to call in the middle of the mountain?
Jake: 9-1-1. I need them to rescue me and get me off of this dang hike.
He and Brandon SERIOUSLY hated the hike. But I believe they felt good that the made it to the top.

New Years Eve

For New Years eve we went to our friends house for a shin dig. We played games, watched movies and ate ate ate. Some of the kids playing apples to apples

ahhh. We're so cute.

Alexa's future in-laws, Luis and Ashley. Even now as I am typing she is looking over my shoulder talking about "Baby Wii." (Will)

Papago Park

My sister Katie and niece Cassidy came up for a few days, as well. We took the fun walk/hike to Papago Park, or the Zoo Mountains as my kids call them. We had a ton of fun taking pictures and hiding in the various nooks.

It was windy and a bit chilly!

My mom

Megan and her kids

the 4 sisters

Christmas Day 2009

We had the "best Christmas ever!" according to the kids. The presents were great. Ainsley got the scooter and helmet she wanted SO badly. I guess the helmet she's had since she was 3 is too babyish. Alexa has been playing with her kitchen and fake food NONSTOP. It was a definite hit. Brandon received a few things from us and Santa, however his fave was from Grandma (Legos. You guessed right.)

The kids made an accurate statement when they said they got more at grandma's than at our house. She spoiled them rotten!!!

Ainsley was SOOOO happy to have Aunt Sally here for the week.
We played lots of games util all hours of the night. Favortes? Zooreka for the kids and the similar but more grown up Settlers of Catan for the adults. And the new game Ticket to Ride from Grandpa and Lori was a huge hit. We (especially Ainsley) highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new game!

We had to pull the table out to full length this week!