Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Brandon's Birthday

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Today is Brandon's Birthday! Yay! We had him open his family presents last night since he really wanted to go to the Easter Pageant tonight. That kid cracks me up! He was opening his Planet Heroes from my mom last night, trying to figure out how to work Neptune. He asked Ryan for some help, and Ryan said, "I don't think Neptune's ship does anything." "Oh, but dad! You pull back and release the lever on his vehicle for a liquidy blast!" He was right. That darned DVD they sent us for free from Fisher Price was a terrific 24 minute commercial. And obviously, it worked!

Notice the blowing out of the birthday candle? Brandon did NOT want a birthday cake, just birthday ice cream. Yum! So, he came to the table, we sang, he blew, then he returned back to his planet heroes. "I don't actually need ice cream today." Geez, where does this kid come from? Since when do we actually NEED ice cream? I thought we just ate it anyway!

We are so grateful to have this birthday boy in our family!

We also dyed our Easter Eggs last night. Whew. How many activities can we handle in one week?


JACK's house said...

wYou guys look AWESOME!! Aren't boys so funny?!?! Justin would probably take a few bites and then be done. Happy Birthday Brandon!!

Meredith & Steve said...

My Lindsay doesn't like frosting - kids are so funny about all that stuff. for her birthday party, we had custom decorated scoops from Baskin Robbins.

I am hoping we can make it to pageant this year...Caroline is still being sick!

cousincassidy1996 said...

I am so sorry Brandon!! I totally forgot about your birthday!!!!!!!!!! I am SO sorry!!! Well HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

cousincassidy1996 said...

By the way what kind of ice cream was it?