Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fun things with the Grandparents in town

 We had such a blast with all of our visitors last weekend!
 Can you believe Ainsley got Mike to do Just Dance?  I heard he kicked some butt, too!
 Brandon with my mom and grandma
Brandon and his Grandpa 
Brandon with his Great Grandparents

Saturday, after the baptism, we went to the Goldfield Ghost Town

Brandon loved the car graveyard
There were some awesome people to see.  Whew!
A couple of kids got put in jail
We brought our little neighbor, Callie, to keep Ainsley in line

It was a super fun day!

Brandon's Baptism

Saturday was a very special day for our family.  Brandon was baptized.  We were so lucky to have his Grandpa Mike and his Great Grandparents come down from Utah.  It made it so much more wonderful to have them all there.  We are so proud of Brandon for choosing this.  He has been very aware of his choices and actions since the baptism.  He is trying so hard to be so good.  He is also SO excited to finally be a cub scout.

My mom and our friend Morgan were also there.
Ryan and Brandon before the ordinance was performed
The three of us

Ainsley's Teeny Tiny Tenth Birthday

Ainsley had her teeny tiny tenth birthday and to be honest I was a little worn out from the trip before it ever began.  So I didn't quite give it my all, but it was fun.  Definitely fun.

We made a cute mini sign for the door
All the cute girls

Bacon cupcakes.  Yes you read that right.  She wanted bacon cupcakes.  We also had mini hamburgers, mini sodas, mini cookies and a few other mini snacks.

We made shrinky dink jewelry.  That was seriously fun and definitely the hit of the party!
We played the fun candy bar game using mini candy bars.  That was hilarious to watch!

We seriously had a fun time!  A few of Ainsley's friends gave her Doritos for her birthday, which I thought was strange.  I asked why and apparently she talks about Doritos all day long!  One girls said she has a dream that she is walking in a world made of Doritos and eats the whole world.  Weird?  I would say so!  :)

Thursday, March 03, 2011


Ainsley was a little bothered (to say the least) that she had to cancel her birthday party for a funeral trip. Thank goodness for good friends! Debora Deden (a friend from our old Utah neighborhood) stepped up and offered to have a surprise party for Ainsley with her old friends. She was totally surprised!
Some of these cute girls didn't even remember Ainsley, but came anyway, bearing gifts and love. I have to admit, it took me a while to recognize a few, also! They all have grown so much!
Debora had pizza, cupcakes, mad libs, nail painting, everything you could ever want at a 10 year old party.
Ainsley had so much fun, she is still telling us she wants to move back to Utah. Thanks to the DeDens for a wonderful birthday Ainsley will never forget!

Grandma Joy's birthday party for Ainsley

Ainsley had been praying for an actual snowstorm ON her birthday and she got it! I peeked outside bright and early on Saturday and saw about 10 inches. I woke up Ryan. "Honey, I think you should get up and plow the driveway for your dad." He mumbled, "plow or shovel?" "PLOW! I's horrible." He grumbled and rolled out of bed. There was a LOT of snow!
After the driveway was cleared, Ryan's Grandma Joy invited us over for a birthday party breakfast for Ainsley. She is so thoughtful that way.
Katie taught the kids how to build a snowman. They seriously didn't know!

The saddest family picture ever.

Utah, viewing and funeral

All of Ryan's family was there for the funeral. I can't think of one missing cousin. It was amazing.
We even saw Shantel, Ryan's cute sister that lives in Florida. We haven't seen her in like 6 years. (She's sitting next to Julee's husband Aaron and Alyssa.)
Ainsley and her cousin Katie at the viewing
Ryan and his cousin Chris
Brandon started a poker club both at the viewing and the funeral. Usually it was in the way, right in front of the body. He didn't know he had so many boy second cousins. They were all so cute!
Alexa and her great-grandpa Phillips at the graveside services. It was snowing and so cold. Ryan dedicated the grave.
Here are all the boy grandsons as pall bearers
Ryan's dad, Mike, and his pretty wife, Lori

This is what we don't miss. Driving in the snow staring at the Utah State Tree. (The orange cone.)
Ryan faking a smile while driving in the nasty storm to Larkin Mortuary.
Ryan's Aunt Jennifer with her granddaughter Brooklyn
Ryan's cute cousin Tracy with her darling little boy, Cohen.

Whirlwind Trip to Utah, Day 1 (or 2?)

Last week Ryan's grandpa, Don Sims, passed away. He was 84 and had been sick for a while. He passed on Wednesday evening and the funeral was scheduled for Saturday (Ainsley's birthday.) That didn't leave us much time to prepare, we don't own any coats, gloves, etc. (or even socks for that matter!) but we hopped in the car after school on Thursday and started the 13 hour drive. I was on the phone a lot cancelling piano lessons, Ainsley's birthday party, our family pictures session, and all the activities we had planned for our weekend. Oh, and can someone feed our cat? Our friends were great enough to lend us some coats.

We stopped in Cedar City at about 1:30 am to call it a night.

The next morning we discovered Ryan forgot his suit pants. Oops. Luckily we found a Kohls and picked some up along with gloves and socks for Alexa.

When we FINALLY made it up to North Salt Lake. The kids were in heaven. Alexa has never seen snow and the other two haven't seen it in YEARS.
this is me. freezing. Coat? All I had was a leather jacket so I stayed inside most of the time.
Ainsley is the instigator of all fights. Thus, she began a snowball fight as soon as we got out of the car.
Brandon was so cold he wouldn't go out unless he was covered head to toe.
Alexa was surprised. It's WET! and it BURNS!