Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan!

36, finally! I've been waiting 2 whole months for this day!
Throughout all the hard times we've had, you remained focused on one thing. Us! I love how you are so in tune with your wife and children. I know you wish things could be different, but I appreciate you looking to the future and planning how to make things better. Happy Birthday!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

Jan Whitney Dalton 1936 - 2003

Happy Birthday, Dad! We miss you so much on this day. I can't help about thinking about your infectuous laugh and all your stories. You had so many and we LOVED to hear them. I'm sure you are keeping busy entertaining all those around you, but we are jealous. I wish you were here entertaining my kids. I can't believe you would be 73 today!

Christmas Eve, Dalton Style

Christmas Eve, 2009, we went to Benihana and had a blast. Great looking group, if I do say so myself!

What we've been up to...

The past 2 weeks have been pretty busy, so I thought I would so a quick recap as it is 7:35 on Christmas morn and the kiddos are still asleep. Miraculous!

Grandpa came to vist. The kids always love when he is here and wish he would stay longer.

We made lots of treats which is always fun!

And the kids had a gymnastics recital. Or whatever you call it. They did a great job!! Ainsley was great demonstrating for the audience what we learned and Brandon was awesome, too!

Monday, December 14, 2009

the Nutcracker

Saturday we started a new tradition. Ainsley and I went with some friends to see the Nutcracker.

First, we went out to lunch at Oreganos. On my way out the door I asked Ainsley to grab my camera. "No, I'll grab MY camera." Fine. Whatever. We took a couple of pictures at the restaurant of the 3 girls and also the 3 moms.

On our way to the theater, Ainsley deleted all the pictures. "Well, it IS my camera, you know." Grrrr.

We got to the theater. The girls loved the costumes, the music. Other than the occasional "why can't anyone walk? Do they have to dance EVERYWHERE?" It wwas going pretty well.

Until the tights came on. Giggle giggle. Laugh laugh.

"Mom! Why don't those men wear UNDERWEAR????? You can practically see their TENDERS! YUCK!"

What could I say? I was thinking the same thing. Why is it that the girls have to wear tights, leotards AND tutu's, but the men can let it all hang out?

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Ainsley's Thanksgiving Essay

Before I post the story, Brandon had some fun decorating the family picture.

What I Am Grateful For
by Ainsley Sims
November, 2009

I am grateful for my family. I don't think my TV would hug me but my parents do. I am thankful for my bed. My dad went to China and said that people have to sleep on the floor. At church the person in charge said to write down as many things as you could but many people just put cheese.
I am thankful for my clothes. I am thankful for school. If you did not have school you would not be educated. I am thankful for trees. If we didn't have trees we wouldn't have oxygen. If we didn't have oxygen we would all be dead. That would be sad.

Feeling SO Martha part 2

I REALLY don't think any family actually read this blog... but if I am wrong, Julee, please shut your eyes. :)

Here are a few other handmade goodies for the family Christmas presents. I made these cute dolls for Julee's twins. One is still faceless, but I will change that. Alexa loves these and keeps trying to steal the brunette.

You probably have no idea what this is. It't for all the great grandparents. I made them these cute rice bags for ailing joints. The D rings are attached with velcro so they can go in the microwave, and the rice bags are inserted on the other side. There is an additional rice bag to be kept in the freezer. I LOVE the way these turned out and made one for Ryan, too. He uses a sock filled with rice and it's just not as cute.

I wish I could photograph this necklace better, but it's not in the cards. I've tried. The girl cousins all get these tile necklaces Ainsley and I made. (Not this particular one, however.) They are from glass tiles and scrapbook paper. We added resin, bails and chains.
It's been fun creating all of these presents! There are still more to come, but I am not quite finished.
Again, if anyone wants any patterns or directions, let me know. I will forward them or post them! I surely didn't make them up myself!

Feeling SO Martha part 1

I've been making Christmas presents this year for everyone. Here is Alexa's haul...

Felt Food! My friend Amy and her 18 month old Kiah have been coming over and we've been putting this collection together little by little. It's been so fun! eggs, strawberries and citrus
banana. apple and watermelon (these look much cuter in person)

pizza, cookies and donuts. I didn't show the pizza toppings, but I assure you they exist.
If anyone is interested in making their own, I can send you the links to the free patterns.

Trip to the Mesa Visitors Center

We had a fun time at the Mesa Visitors Center the other day looking at Christmas lights. Can't you tell?

Hats and gloves are absolutely necessary in 60 degree weather.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Decorating the Tree - Without me!

I am involved in a Chirstmas Choir this year. So while I was off practicing the Hallelujah Chorus and other tricky Handel pieces, the family put up the Christmas tree.

Alexa dragged the stool in from the kitchen with more perserverance the the other two kids put together. And we know how headstrong they are!
And I wanted to give my appreciation to Ryan for actually photographing the moments - without being asked! Wow is all I can say. He is the bomb!


Brandon has now lost his first teeth. In 2 days he has lost 2 (3?) teeth. He was so scared to lose the first, it just fell out at school. But the permanent was already half grown in.
Yuck. Can I say I hate other people's teeth?
Well, he also had 2 fused teeth. One large tooth with 2 roots. One root was gone, but the other was still attached. So the next day, Ryan told him he was flossing and wrapped the tooth with floss and pulled it out. Eeew. Blood, etc. Luckliy I wasn't there. I say leave it in the mouth until it falls. And now the tooth fairy is 3 (2?) teeth richer, or $3 dollars poorer. And Brandon is mad. He liked his double tooth.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween!

hmmm. Pumpkins, I guess?
Before the Ward Party on Friday

A bunch of the Gang

Brandon (the alien) and Logan

My cute little Raven

The 3 Amigas Mackenzie, Ainsley and Rebecca

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Butt Prints - an art project

Warning - this art project is not for those with a Butt self esteem problem.
While we were working on the swingset (the previous post) the kids were keeping themselves busy with butt art. Now, you may need to click on the images for a larger view, but here's how it works.
1. You stick your hiney in the freezing cold swimming pool.
2. You sit down on the warm cement and make a butt print.
3. Outline the print with chalk.
4. Turn it into a beautiful design. The print will quickly evaporate.

Yes, my kids are strangely creative. And our driveway is now filled with aliens, "butt"erflies, and all other sorts of buns.
My question is this. Where do they get it from? Seriously! Ryan must have been a strange child.

The Swingset - Project of the day!

See our yard? Pretty and pretty small, too. But I was REALLY wanting a swingset. Our old neighbors across the street were in a bad predicament. They were losing their house. They told me I could have the swingset before it went up for auction, so I had my hopes up. Really high.
Well, oops! They had the day wrong, so we had like 1 evening notice to get the sucker. Luckily it was my birthday, so how could my honey say no? I wish I had a picture of my neighbor Jim, our friend Kevin, Ryan and we three wives with that HUGE structure on two furniture dollies, wheeling across the street. In the dark. And we parked it on the side of the house because it wouldn't fit through the pool gate.

Taking it apart and putting it back together was no picnic! I was tired of being snapped at, so I went and got out friend Jim, again. He is quite handy. Ryan is handy, but let's be realistic. He is a banker. His hands are lilly white and smooth. There are no callouses there. (sorry honey!)

A few hours later (with the promise of a thank you dinner) here is our finished product! It does take up the majority of our lawn, but the kids are LOVING it. That is what our yard is for. The kids! I am a little nervous that Alexa will never stop swinging, though. I will have to make time for lots of outdoor projects!

Friday, October 23, 2009

One Project Finished and off my list!

How many of you have too many unfinished projects? I do!!!

I really wanted to start painting my kitchen cabinets, but Ryan wants me to finish my other wood projects first. Who me? Other wood projects?
Well, there IS that cabinet from my grandma that is taking up way too much room in the garage. Oh, and did I mention the swingset we got from our neighbors when they moved that is sitting on the side of my house waiting to be fixed up? How about the picture frames taking up the vacuum closet?

Okay, Okay, I get it. So here is a project my friend Sara and I did in just a few minutes to get it off my list!

I bought this bench at a garage sale for $20 a few weeks ago.

Lots of potential, but I couldn't stand the green-washed wood or the snake skin - pleather fabric.
Time for a redo!

2 98 cent cans of wal-mart black spray paint and a $5 piece of clearance fabric from JoAnns later, here we go! Not bad for $27 and less than an hour! What's next?

18 MONTHS OLD! Nursery here we come!

Today is the day Alexa turns 18 months! This is a big day because she can now join the nursery at church and not have to make mommy hang out in the halls! Yay!

Alexa is the cutest thing in the world.
She loves to play, hates the TV.
She speaks Africanized French, not English. She says azja da bome ALL THE TIME. Don't know what it means, but it's sure cute!
She calls all ladies Mom and all men Dad.
She loves to laugh!
She has no fear.
She makes a lot of messes, but loves to clean up.
Screams DON"T anytime she hears me sing.
She has yet to hit 20 pounds. Just a tiny little thing!
She is my little buddy and I love having her with me all day!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stolen Zoo photos

Today Alexa and I went to the zoo with Amy and Kiah. Alexa loved being able to take her time and enjoy it without the older kids dashing off to the next animal, hurrying her along. Alexa and Kiah are almost the same age and were so cute to watch interact.

Anyway, my battery was dead on my camera, so I stole these shots from Amy's blog. Thanks Amy!

Don't you just love those giraffe pictures? Totally worth $3 to get licked by an 18 inch tongue!