Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saving $$$

Since this is my journalling effort, I HAVE to share my great savings for the week. (I am the queen of deals.)
For UNDER $25, today I bought:
4 boxes of wheat thins
2 gallons milk
10 (yes 10) bottles of Kraft Salad Dressing
8 (yes 8) blocks of Kraft cheese
2 bags of Tostitos
3 boxes of Capri Suns
3 bags of Dole Salad Kits
1 bag of Dum Dums (bribery for Primary tomorrow!)

That is so great, I had to share. Maybe not the healthiest shopping trip in the world, but think food storage, right? I am such a nerd, I am aware. But it was priceless to see Ryan's face when he had to carry in everything. All men think it's great when their wives save money, no matter how much they make!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Snow Day!

We took advantage of MLK's birthday and headed up to the snow today. What a blast. It's pretty nice only driving for 2 1/2 hours to reach it. I know most of you think that is crazy, but how many of you drive longer than that to reach St. George for sun? hmmmm? This may very well be the last season that the snow clothes fit. Coats are barely covering wrists, and Ainsley's old snowpants BARELY fit Brandon. After a few crashes, Brandon was ready for his favorite part of the day... Hot chocolate. Of course, that is his favorite part of EVERY day. He is addicted. Ainsley kept going, she's a trooper. It was a Very fun day in Flagstaff. And the best part? We got to return home to 65 degree weather. No complaints this time of year!!!!

Day at the Farm

We spent Saturday morning at the Ellsworth farm in Mesa. Steve is Ryan's boss, and it's the farm he grew up on.

Ainsley is TERRIFIED of anything that is not human or insect. It was hilarious (I guess that's really mean for a mom to say) to watch her freak out at the chickens. Seriously. We had chickens in our back yard in Utah and it hasn't been that long, but I guess she forgot. She was so upset. She did pretty well on the horse, though look at her face. Of course they had various other animals, but we didn't get too close. Of all the animals, the one she is most afraid of is a dog. (Brandon's favorite.) He says he's an expert and knows EVERYTHING about them. Steve's son Dallin just got a puppy named Duke. I was impressed that Ainsley said by the end of the morning the only dog in the world she likes is Duke. He was a very nice dog.

We got to take eggs and oranges home. What a great day!

Friday, January 18, 2008


I wanted to update you on the volunteering venture.

First, Ryan wanted me to correct myself. He said our kids ARE spoiled. Sorry for misleading you. :) (I guess it depends on your definition of spoiled. His is a want for nothing.)

I LOVED the ideas you guys shared. We decided to do something once a month. Our first is helping an organization in Mesa called Save the Family. They help falling apart families. During the week they offer classes to children teaching coping skills for abuse, divorce, etc. We will be providing lunch to a class in February. Next comes Shayla's great idea for the NICU. (That will take a little time for sewing, etc.) And then comes the Nursing home. (Thanks Kary.) We are all excited, even the kids. After that comes the babe, so we may need a little break. Or at least I will.

Thanks again!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Volunteering ideas - HELP!

I don't know if any of you have a grumpy, ungrateful child, but I do. I love her to death and am so glad to have her, but sometimes .... Well, you know. So, last night we were giving the lecture on being grateful for food. OF COURSE this was brought on by a loving and kind remark on how mom's dinners are ALWAYS delicious. jk. When Ryan said some kids don't have much food at all, she said, "So. Why do I care if others starve. I've got food."

We don't spoil our kids, and feel like they work around the house. We clean the church, and all the normal things. But OBVIOUSLY we need a little help! Now we are trying to come up with ways to volunteer and help the less fortunate. Looking online, we found tons of ideas, but the children need to be at least 12.

Does anyone have some help for me? What works for you? What kinds of acts of service can you give as a family? (Keep in mind there are NO needy people in our ward.) Thanks for your input! I really need it!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Anything to share?

I feel like there hasn't been much to write about since our eventful vacation! I definitely had mixed feelings about the kids going back to school! Good or bad? A little of both!
I am racking my mind for things to share. Ryan is going camping with the scouts this weekend, BLAH!
Oooh! I know! My mom got married! FYI. My mom got married a couple of weeks ago in Glendale (?) CA. She used to date this gentleman in the LA 1st ward back in like 1970. They're living at his house in Los Angeles and doing well. He's a great guy with 1 on a mission and 1 at BYU. I'll see if I can get some photos to share.
I'll try to find some GREAT things to write about soon!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I thought I would give a little update on our Christmas. Although it's sad being away from extended family during the holidays, I have to admit it's rather nice not having to drive to 5 different houses all day long on Christmas.

Christmas eve we drove to our friends house in Buckeye, AZ. The Hoopes had a great dinner with all of Kary's family and it was really nice to be invited as a part of that. The kids had a great time, too. We enjoy having good friends out here who are like family to us. The funny thing is, we brought my dad's recipe for a cheese ball and rolls. Everyone kept commenting on what a great cook I was! Ha Ha HA! Most of you probably know I can't cook AT ALL! It was so funny. I guess there are 2 things I can actually make. So if any of you invite me over, make sure I am assigned one of those 2 things!
Santa made it very clear this year that he was paying for part of our cruise, so the kids received one present from Santa and one from us. It was a great idea. I think we may keep that tradition. Simplicity, you know? Our neighbors came over for Christmas dinner, and it was a very pleasant, calm day. Lots of cooking, but that's fun when it's a no stress day, right?
Well, Happy New Year to all of you. We wish you the very best. I hope we can all make our lives and all those around us, a little better this year with more love, kindness and patience. I'm sure going to try!