Wednesday, August 27, 2008

4 months old - and sleeping!!!!

What a miracle!!! Ryan and I have both slept the last 3 nights!!! We are thrilled, to say the least. In fact, on Monday, AINS woke me up at 4:30! Her tooth had fallen out that day, and she was looking for her money. The tooth was missing, but so was the cash. She was SURE the tooth fairy stole her tooth. She is a WILD sleeper, and some how it ended up under her bed.

Anyway, Alexa is now 4 months old! She can roll (as previously posted), loves the songs itsy bitsy spider and wash the ladies dishes. She likes to scream at the wiggles while mom cleans the kitchen, and gives kisses to mommy ONLY. She even makes the kiss sound mmmmmmaaaaa while she does it. But only to me. She loves to turn the pages to her Winnie the Pooh board books and is gowing up SOOOOOO fast.

She is seriously the cutest baby I have ever seen. No joke!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ryan's View of Last Night's Sleep Adventure

So Kae Harrison would like another example about the sleep thing (I know her comment is TIC, but here's the update from last night). So, Whitney and I agreed to do the "cry it out" thing. It was like turning an alarm clock radio up full blast and tuning it to one of those annoying Spanish radio stations that you find in the obscure part of the AM band. Then, setting the alarm to go off at 1:30 am. Now, instead of getting up and finding the alarm clock like I suggested yesterday, just lay there and listen to it for an hour and a half, and don't get upset. Seriously, I feel so bad for poor little Alexa, but she's getting better. After she's quiet and back to sleep, I can still hear the crying in my mind. Every noise in the house sounds like her crying. The A/C going on, the fan over our bed, Brandon's snoring (because Brandon, of course, came in our room to sleep on the floor next to our bed like he has every night for the last 8 months) all sound like Alexa STILL crying.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ryan's View of the Sleep Thing

Oh how Whitney understated the state of sleep deprivation at our house. Maybe not everyone can relate to our particular children and their sleep habits, but it's desperate times. I asked my friend Travis for advice. He has two cute little girls, so certainly he went through times like this. NOOOO, apparently his kids always sleep like stuffed animals. Well, if you've never experienced it, here's what you can do. Take 7 alarm clocks and set them at random times from 20 minutes to an hour apart starting at 1 am. Now, don't just set them next to the bed where you can roll over and turn them off, hide them all around your house...put one under a couch, one in the microwave, one under the bathroom sink...make it fun so you really have to get up and hunt for them. Go through that routine for a few nights in a row, and you'll know what we're dealing with. Last night was an extra special night because all 3 kids decided not to sleep. Ainsley was talking in her sleep, calling for "dad." I hate it when that happens, because Whitney makes me respond to her. She was kneeling at the foot of her bed with the blankets all over the floor, talking to me about treats for school. Consider alarm clock #1 found. Then Brandon had the nightmare, clock #2, and Alexa got up at the random times all throughout the night. Today at work was EXTRA productive for me, you can imagine.

Brandons words of wisdom - or just words

Last night Brandon woke up calling my name. If you read my previous post, you would know I was already awake. :) He had a nightmare. So I went to him and hugged him tight. Then I told him to go back to sleep.
Brandon - "Mom, can you say a prayer for me?"
Mom - "Sure, bud." says a prayer
Brandon - "Thanks, mom. You know, it's very important to say your prayers. And when you do you won't have nightmares anymore. Because Heavenly Father ALWAYS answers your prayers."
What a sweetie.

This morning at 10:00
Brandon - "Mom, I'm STARVING. Can I have 17 eggs?"
Mom - "Sure, but it's only been 1 1/2 hours since breakfast. Are you sure you want 17?"
Brandon - "YES!!!"
Mom is making ONE scrambled egg.
Brandon - "Is that 17?"
Mom - "Yes. But if 17 isn't enough, I can always make you more when you finish these."
Brandon - "Good, because I have been known to eat 99 eggs, you know." As he is opening up a package of Ritz crackers.

That Over-rated thing called SLEEP

We all have things that we suck at in regards to parenting, right? (Admit it!!!) Well, I have created this monster and now have to deal with it. AND I AM TIRED!!!

Ryan and I were thrilled to have a baby that slept well, but, to be honest, it's been over a month wince we've slept well. And NOW it's been days since we slept at all!!!

Here's the deal. We went on vacation and let her sleep in our bed. Also, staying in hotels, we didn't want her to scream and wake up the neighbors, so I nursed her back to sleep every time she woke up. We just can't get a schedule going with her again, and I adopted the lazy parenting way of nursing asleep as a normal way of life.

Last nights scenario...
Alexa's head in my armpit. Alexa's head in Ryan's armpit. Alexa's foot in my boob. Alexa crying EVERY HOUR wanting to eat. This is KILLING me. I know it's my fault. I know.

So, (AND DON"T JUDGE ME FOR BEING STUPID!)last week, I spent $40 buying this sleep training kit online. So, we talked ourselves into doing it. It kicked our butts. She screamed and cried. We couldn't consol her at all. And this is the kind of training that you CAN pick the kid up and consol. But you still have to let them cry. The next day, she had a fever and a cold. She couldn't hardly breathe with her stuffy nose.

Coincidental? I don't know. We did have to stop, though. Can you do that to a sick kid? Now she's healthy and I'm wondering if I should try again.

Help me!!!! Share your sleeping ideas. There are things I am great at. This is NOT one of them!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Alexa's Milestone

Alexa rolled over today! Brandon and I had fun trying to capture it on video. Whew!

I can't believe how big she's getting!

Friday, August 08, 2008

First week of school!

This was the first week of school!!! These photos are of the first day. Did I cry? Well...I did get a little teary, but not because of Brandon going to kindergarten. It was because there were so many crying kids!! I've never seen som many crying 5 year olds!!! It was so sad. Brandon was perfectly happy and excited.

Ainsley was disappointed that no girls from last years class were in her class this year. But she did get the teacher she wanted. She's a little shy at making new friends, so she has been playing at recess with the girls from last year. We'll see if she opens up to some other girls soon.

Brandon said his teacher is TOO nice. Too too nice. He was lucky to have a little boy from preschool last year sitting next to him, and a little girl ffrom preschool right behind him. The boys play pirates every recess and he is just loving school.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


This weekend we have had the cousins visiting (and Megan,too!)
Cassidy brought a fun craft of Tie-Dying and t he whole family had a great time! We've seen movies, gone to Bounce U, swam a LOT, had a birthday party at Peter Piper and a lot of other things thrown into one crowded weekend.
My kids had a terrific time with the cousins, however, my house has seen better days! It's a wreck!!!!!
With school starting tomorrow, I am excited for a little free time. Woohoo!!!