Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

Wow, what a busy week! It started Friday, with us saying good-bye to our not-so-dear pet Snowflake. I finally had enough of her eating my plants. The kids stopped taking care of her months ago, so it was basically mine and Ryan's. I posted it on a message board, and she was gone that night. Sadly, the kids could have cared less. I hope the new owners give her some love.

That night, Ryan finished painting the nursery. Check it out. Much better, huh?

That man is awesome! He worked so hard all night just so I could have it look nice for the shower in the morning. What a sweetheart!

Speaking of shower, that was Saturday. My great friend Kary, from Buckeye, threw it and it was SOOOO cute. Everyone had a great time, and great food. Thanks Kary! (And everyone else for the darling gifts.) It's funny to see all of the stuff they have now that they didn't have when Brandon was born.

Ryan's sister Julee and her husband Aaron came to vacation this weekend, too. We met them later in the day to see Horton Hears A Who (I fell asleep!)and then went out to eat. They brought two of their daughters, Katie and Megan, and the kids were so happy to see their cousins.

Easter followed this LONG weeked, and shockingly, the Easter Bunny brought NOOOOO candy. So disappointing. :) He did bring a tennis racket for Ainsley, and a softball mit for Brandon. He also brought a couple of Webkinz (a family favorite toy)and a couple of squirt guns. Perfect. We ended the day with our friends, the Harrisons, coming over for dinner. Brett works with Ryan, and they don't have family here, either, so we combined our holiday dinner. The food was great, and the kids were so happy.

As I sent Ainsley off to school today, I felt the Spring Break went WAY too fast. I loved having my kids here all week, tiring as it was. I am really looking forward to summer!


JACK's house said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. You know, I love having my kids around too. But we only got friday and monday off. (we miss you guys too)

Meredith & Steve said...

It looks great...mine is STILL in progress....

cousincassidy1996 said...

It looks great I wonder what it looked like before?