Sunday, March 02, 2008

So Hot!

No, I'm not talking about my 34 week pregnant body (shocking!)
It's the weather. Saturday was SOOO hot (what like 85?) the kids were DYING to go swimming. Since Ryan was away at the camparee (or whatever they call those nerdy scout things) I let the kids go swimming. Why not? The pool temp was 70. But I thought it was freezing in there! If 85 is Soooo hot, I can't wait until August. :)


Meredith & Steve said...

Yikes - it would be cold for me!!!! Kids are crazy...

brittanyc said...

Well, I was absolutely hoping for pictures of the hot bod. What a let down when it was just the pool :) Well, we have quite the snow pile in front of our house. It's getting old.
Your family looks great. The kids are getting big (especially that Brandon!) I've got to get down there with Chris one of these times.
So...have you decided on the baby's name? Alexa seems to be popular in the polls! It's a name with seems to fit.