Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My baby loves the word of God

Alexa has been carrying around the scriptures all morning. I spent over 20 minutes reading them to her, with her lstening INTENTLY. Then, when it was naptime, she wanted to sleep with them. ~So sweet~
She loves reading of ANY kind. (Who could she have inherited that from? haha) Ainsley is on the 4th Harry Potter and you can find her hiding in all corners of the house trying to read without Alexa finding her. But, alas, the baby wants to be with and like her big sissy.
Now, can we get BRANDON to enjoy reading?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Constitution Fair

Washington DC was brought to Gilbert this weekend for the biggest Constitution Fair in the US. In front of the White House
At the Washington Memorial

This fair happens every year, but this is the first time we have attended. There were MANY people walking around in costume. When the kids found certain ones, they got a "constitution card." They loved meeting George and Martha Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and many more. The cards were used as tickets for the games, etc.
To be honest, I thought the kids would be bored to death until the fireworks started. But I was WRONG! They loved the whole thing. So much, in fact, we hardly had any time for the games and bounce houses. It was well worth our $10 for the whole family (including G-ma, Megan and Jake.)


Most of you know Ryan got a new job. Right? One of his perks this week was to take a potential client to the D-Backs v Rockies game. It was so fun! We got premium parking in Robert Sarver's spot. (He is the owner of the Phoenix Suns and also the bank Ryan works for.) People ran when we gave them our passes. We had SWEET seats and catered food. Did I mention the seats were PADDED?
My close up of Young.

We even had private bathrooms right behind the dugout. Nice ones. That don't smell. With no lines.
Woohoo! Thanks honey!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall is here ALREADY? and our Apothecary

When did it become September? We kind of forget here, in AZ. It's still WAY over 100 degrees and seems like summer. All over the blogging world, though, people are putting up decorations. I guess that is my hint. Fall has ARRIVED.

The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE decorating. Getting out "the tote" is better than chocolate. I couldn't find my way to "the tote", however, because my previous post is in the way. And it's HEAVY.

So, we looked up some fun projects to do on a Sunday afternoon and came up with

Won't it look spookstacular with some cobwebs around it? You can click on the photo to make them bigger. Let me tell you, this was SOOO fun! We found some old bottles of whatever and put spooky labels on them. We happened to have some print and stick paper. yay! And the jars are mostly they are old bubble baths, baby food and such. We even cut up a stuffed animal just a tad for the warewolf fur. We still need to find some vampire fangs. Maybe they are in "the tote?"

Sunday, September 13, 2009

PICS of the WEEK

Yes, they are mostly of Alexa.
Yes she is darn cute and I will have the mother of the year award taken away for feeding her Top Ramen.
Yes she is naughty and climbed on my baby grand.
and Yes my son is happily and proudly wearing undies on his head begging for a picture on the blog. ???

Like her hair?

The only guess

I can't believe Kim was the only one who guessed what Grandma got me! NO it wasn't a million dollars. It was...

This bullet Express Food System. hmmm. She is definitely a sweet heart for thinking of me!

However, there is something better she gave me that I am LOVING!!!

It's this china hutch that was hers from SOOO many years ago. Solid wood. Nice and sturdy.

Wow! Look at that trim! haha. You should see me going crazy with the hammer and putty knife. You guys won't even recognize it when I am done. I also scored some cute milkglass pieces. I'm feeling optomistic. Ryan is not so much. ;)