Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winner of CSN Giveaway and info for your own giveaway

Thanks so much for all of you that entered.
I chose a random winner from and the winner is...


Yay Cassie! I will send you a message with your code for CSN.

Marley (the contact from CSN) said I could pass along her info if you would like to do either a review or a giveaway on your blog. Interested?
Contact Marley at

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Giveaway on my blog!

Hi everyone! The super generous people at CSN are giving away another gift of $25 to one of my readers! Thank you Thank you CSN!

I'm sure you have heard of them by now. They sell absolutely everything, and at great prices, too.
Let's say you are trying to redecorate or update your dining room. Look at their Modern Dining Room Furniture!

I love these glasses!

And wouldn't your table look beautiful with this linen on it?

So here's your chance to win a one-time-use $25 gift certificate to use on any one of their 200+ sites. (US and Canada only!!)

All you have to do is leave me one note. You can say anything you want. You can tell me my kids are cute, or you think I'm rad. Anything. Just make sure you leave me your email address so I can contact you if you win.

And show CSN some love by going over to their website and browsing around! Please!

Contest is open until Saturday, January 29, 2011 at 12:00 midnight. I will pick a winner Sunday morning. :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011


We decided to turn Brandon's room into a dorm.
After too many nights of no sleep for me, I was desperate for change. Tuesday morning I was so tired I almost fell asleep driving Alexa to the burn center.
All three kids are in my room EVERY NIGHT. Alexa climbs in our bed. Brandon and Ainsley wake us up claiming bad dreams, or whatever. I have not awakened one time in the last 2 weeks without all three in my bed or on my floor. And they aren't quiet about it, either. Kicking the bad, the wall, my head. Ryan and I decided enough is enough.
We moved all three beds into one room. No being scared or lonely anymore. It's like a sleepover every night. We constantly wonder why we need such a large house when all we really need is a 2-room bungalow.
BONUS: All three. In bed. Asleep. 7:30 pm. Saturday. Woohoo!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Celebrating Alexa's last burn apt with Disney on Ice

Yesterday we had Alexa's last burn apt (for a while, anyway.) While we were leaving the burn center a "burn survivor" was in the lobby handing out tickets to the Disney on Ice performance. Free tickets to families of burn survivors! Yay! We were super excited, as expensive trips like that are few and far between. We were so high in the nose bleeds. I think there were only 2 rows behind us.
(Smile kids! Pretend you like it so Alexa doesn't grow up too fast!)

We told them it was over at intermission and took off. We can only take so much.

Perfect Weather

We have had the most amazing weather here lately! Saturday we took Brandon, Jake and Alexa to the park to fish, mess around and have a picnic.

Alexa gets to wear a Big 'Ol Hat anytime she is outside now.

Oh, the things we find...

The kids were out and about on Friday, so Ryan and I decided to snoop around their backpacks. This is what we found.

Four (yes, four!) reading books, various small pieces of candy canes, a stick (mini hp wand?), and an empty carton of chocolate icecream. Later we were told the carton was a reminder of the best day she has ever had at school. Ever.

Crumpled artwork, half eaten tootsie roll, 2 starbursts, a dum-dum, 2 random lego pieces, a plastic bug, and a pencil sharpener.
I know this doesn't mean much to any of you, but it is so funny to us. I know I will look back some day and laugh out loud.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Summary of the last few weeks (and an actual pic of the scar)

The last few weeks have been crazy busy and fun, so I thought I would throw in a few pictures in no particular order. (Including a few, but not by any means all) fun presents we are enjoying.

*Please note my favorite camera (my Lumix) is now in the graveyard and I am so sad. So bear with my pictures from now on.

Ryan's sister and her family gave the kids a gift certificate to a pottery studio and they LOVED that gift so much, they eat from their bowls any chance they get.

I found a bunch of cabinets and a countertop on Craigslist and paid someone to install them one day while Ryan was at work. I'm just kind of like that. SURPRISE!

Ainsley got an Air Hockey table for Christmas. Fun for the whole neighborhood!

Today Brandon and Ainsley were home sick. Ainsley and I kept busy making this cute door hanger for Valentines. It turned out DARLING! We got the tutorial for the balls from Heather Bailey and just tied them to an empty picture frame.

Do you like my new kitchen appliances I got for Christmas? There is a dishwasher, too!

Brandon LOVED his new wolf hat het got from Aunt Sally

Alexa was equally thrilled to receive this pillow pet from her grandparents.

And a "FUN" shot of the healing scar for those of you wondering. :)