Friday, December 28, 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Side Note

Yesterday when we were going through customs, Ainsley wondered why. After Ryan explained, she asked, "Does Santa Claus have to go through customs?"

Merry Christmas! Back from Vacation

We got back from our cruise last night and had a great time! We were SO glad we went! We had a few favorites I thought I would share, and as soon as I get some video loaded, I'll try to upload it to this site. Ainsley's favorite was, of course, rock wall climbing. She is so competetive and athletic. Although, miniature golfing came in close second. They had a kids fast climb contest and she was not about to let either the boys or the big kids beat her up the wall. My six year old won first place. Of course! She is still proudly wearing her gold medal. She loved the beach and had so much fun while she was there, but if you ask her, she will grump around it. (You know Ainsley!) She'll tell you how much she hated the beach because she got sand in her pants.

Brandon had such a great time! Isn't this the cutest picture? He loved Tortola and found a new friend while he was there. We called him Spot. We were a little nervous when we got to Brewers Beach, because all the books said it was SO calm and the best beach to snorkel at. However, it was so rough and overcast. It still ended up being my very favorite day. We didn't snorkel, but all had SUCH a great time. Even my grandma loved it! Brandon also loved going to the kids camp (Ainsley wouldn't touch it!) and eating cookies! Every night our waiters had a huge plate for him to take back tot he room. Yum!
Puerto Rico was another fave of mine. It is such a beautiful place! The Castillo de Morro was amazing and the city had so much charm! I would LOVE to go back to Puerto Rico for a week or two. I really fell in love with it!

Ryan's fave was Tortola, as well, and he always has a soft spot for St. Thomas. The island of our honeymoon. He did not really like St. Maarten, as we rented a car and he had to drive. The traffic was horrible, and we had a tough time parking. He did get to use a lot of his French, though, and the food was AWESOME! Best we had the whole trip. Also, none of us really liked Bahamas. Very dirty and nasty. Sally said it reminded her of downtown LA. That sounds about right.

Great trip! Come with us next time!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Funny Kids

Brandon has really been cracking me up lately with the things he says, so I thought I would type in some funny things before I forget. Last night we were having dinner. Like usual, he didn't like it. Instead of complaining, though, he said, "I am thankful to have food." Then he pushed it away. "Aren't you going to eat? " I asked? "My teacher Sister Johnson said to just be grateful, so I am. Now since I am such a nice boy, I don't have to eat it." And he was final.

Last week at playgroup, the mom said someone wet on the floor. My kids seriously NEVER have accidents, so I didn't even think twice about it being Brandon. On the way home, he said he peed on the tile at Gabes house. I was shocked! "What happened?" " Well, I wouldn't have had a problem if people kept bathrooms where they belong!" He said he looked and looked until he finally gave up. "How come your pants aren't wet?" "I pulled them down." NICE!!!

As a side note, Ainsley is now excited about having a sister, as she gets free reign on decorating her room. She gets to pick the paint color and the new crib set for her sister. She'd pick the name if I let her!!! My little designer.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And the New Baby is....

a Girl! How many of you guessed? We had the ultrasound this morning. Brandon was SOOOO sad. He kept telling the technician how unhappy he was. Everything looked great. The due date put me back a week, though. :( Hopefully that does mean I won't have another 10 pound baby!
Ainsley will also be very sad, as she REALLY doesn't want to share her room and said she doesn't really like babies, anyway. Typical Ainsley!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sick of Being Sick!

In the 18 weeks I have been pregnant, I have been well for 4 days. 4! Today marks 15 days of this nasty cold. I went 10 days without sleeping (TBS and I became great late-night friends!) So, at least I've been well-rested lately. I have tried EVERYTHING to alleviate this congestion. EVERYTHING! If you have a great idea, please be sure to let me know! I've gone from tradtional meds to essential oils. You name it. I've rubbed Vicks on my feet, and oregano oil, too! Things in the humidifier, castor oil up my nose, cold busters from Jamba Juice, peppermint and eucalyptus oils, etc. Even as I write I can't breathe at all. It's getting OLD!!!!

10 year Anniversary!

Yesterday was our 10 year wedding anniversary! The time has flown by. So, I thought I would share the ROMANTIC way we spent it. First, we went to Peter Piper Pizza for a soccer party. Then I went to book club for 45 minutes. That was followed by watching the Office (our favorite) and Survivor. Thank heavens for DVR. :) Are you all jealous?
Luckily we will be going to the temple on Saturday, not to mention our celebration cruise to the Eastern Caribbean coming up shortly.

Monday, November 12, 2007


This weekend Ainsley decided to make some money. Using water bottles, food dye, water, glitter, and rose petals, she made "snow globes." She set up a stand outside our house and sold them for $1 a bottle. I've got to know if this trait is hereditary. Her dad used to sell homemade bread for $5 a loaf door-to-door, and from what I hear Grandpa Mike used to try to sell rocks to the neighbors. :) The Sims' great entrepreneurial spirit!
Brandon, however, is more like his mother. He not only helped her make them, but felt so inclined to spend all of his own money buying from her. He just wanted to make her happy.
I wanted to take a picture to post, but I think Ryan threw Brandon's 2 bottles away! I hope he doesn't find out!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Soccer Super Stars!

I know it's been a LONG while since I've updated, but I had to start getting organized again. Ainsley has had such a great soccer season this year. Her team was just invited to play at the ASU girls soccer game (during the halftime.) She was lucky enough to have grandpa and Lori here, too. Although it was an honor, it was actually an unorganized mess. If you know Ainsley, that is unacceptable. :) They played another team that was the SAME uniform colors (smart!) and didn't even have goals set up. "Pretend this line is your net." Also, they sent all 12 girls on both teams out at the same time. It was horrible, but so fun to watch! Ainsley is a fantastic soccer player and we are so proud of her. Those ASU girls are huge!
Brandon's team is called the Tigers. We make goals with the kids for every game and Brandon's are like touching the ball 5 times with your foot. Or not crying during the game. This last game he forgot all about chasing the ball. The opposing team was full of girls (unusual) and he was preoccupied with this. He kept chasing them and pushing them. He thought they were cute, I guess. He is learning and doing a great job!!!! We'll see if the January season holds more soccer for him. We're thinking of switching to baseball?