Friday, July 16, 2010

CSN review

I hope you all enjoyed that little giveaway a while ago. Well, I am so excited because they asked me to become a "preferred blogger!" That means I get to have a gift certificate, too! With the new house (hopefully) becoming ours soon, there are many things I am excited to buy!

CSN Stores is the place where I can find everything! CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find everything from cookware to toys.

Check out the dining room sets! Pretty much anything you can imagine can be found here. So pretty soon I will let you know what I pick out and let you know about my personal experience with CSN.

And heaven knows I can use some therapeutic shopping these days. :) How about you?

A shot of my life...

This is my life in a storage unit. Blah. I have had so many things to post about lately, but this has been keeping me busy.

We moved out of our house and into a storage unit. Our renters are moving in this weekend, but we are STILL having problems closing on the new house. Some crazy idiot at Chase messed up a second on the house with the previuos owners and we can't close until there is a clear title. Ooops. They didn't notice that small problem until closing day. June 16th. Still waiting!

So we moved into grandmas house for now. We are lucky to have it, but it is so hard not having drawers and space and your own stuff. And kids running around driving you crazy with no friends or neighbors nearby. And Ryan is at Scout Camp.

I think I am going to go crazy.