Saturday, March 08, 2008

Busy Day Ends with a Shaq Attack!

Wow! What a day I had yesterday! Brandon's preschool class went to the World Wildlife Zoo. It is over an hour away from our house, so I was a little nervous and decided to chaperone. The Phoenix Zoo wouldn't let his class come, as they were "overbooked" with school groups. Weird! Anyway, the positives of this zoo are that 1)it is small and takes less time to walk around, and 2) you get to feed the giraffes. That's about it. It's dirty and crumby otherwise. Here are some shots of the giraffe feeding. Those suckers have such HUGE tongues I got slimed pretty bad. Brandon wouldn't hold his hand out. It grossed him out. :)

This crazy day began at 7:45. We got back at 1:15 (no lunch), when Brandon and I had to go to Ainsley's school for her star student presentation. (Another thing in the life of my child at school!!!!!) We got home at 2:15, gulped down some lunch, taught a piano lesson, picked up Ainsley, went to the grocery store, baked and frosted some orange rolls I made dough for the night before for the YM/YW auction (by the way they were SOOOOOOOOOO good), brought them to the church, made a concious decision to skip soccer practice, then took off for the Suns v. Jazz game. Whew!!! I was so tired!

Ryan was planning on taking me to dinner (the kids were having a sleeepover with some wonderful neighbors), but I was just too tired! So we did the El Pollo Loco thing. I LOVED going to that game! Ryan got some great tickets from a client, and after about 2 minutes I came to the realization that Shaquile O'Neil plays for the Suns! Wow! I wasn't super close, but close enough to see his face and recognize him! Being from LA, I have ALWAYS wanted to see him play! He is amazing! We were cheering for the Suns (you HAVE to cheer for where your underwear drawer is, right?) and lost. But I didn't care. That was so cool.


JACK's house said...

I read cameron your last paragraph and the first thing out of his mouth, "who did they cheer for?"
what a guy.... Kids just keep the day busy don't they? (someday I want to go to the grocery store with you. it has got to be an experience. :o)

Meredith & Steve said...

Did you really love going to the game? I barely tolerate that sort of thing! The last Suns game we went to was with Steve's boss and her husband about two years ago. The tickets were great - about 5 rows up center court - but I am not into that kind of thing! (Did you see my blog entry with me reading a book at a baseball game with my inlaws?!?) But I think I would enjoy seeing Shaq in person just to see how mongo huge he is!

Anonymous said...

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