Monday, March 24, 2008

Butt-on Butt-on who's got the Butt-on

I know you will all think I am gross for posting this, but I feel the need. It's not very often that you get to talk about FUNNY things a 7-year old does, you know? Especially my very serious 7 year old.

Friday, Ryan, Sara my neighbor, and I were in the living room watching the kids outside. (Brandon was NOT involved.) Logan, Rebecca and Ainsley were crouched over in leap-frog position, lined up. It looked like they were just doing some silly, made-up game. Then, I VERY clearly saw Ainsley put something in Logans butt crack. What??? I sent Ryan out to investigate. He came back laughing. And they stopped playing. He said they were playig Button, Button with a quarter, but they were putting it in each others butts cracks! Yuck!

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Meredith & Steve said...

You know, the new term for "plumber's crack" on a girl with low rise pants is "coin slot!"