Wednesday, December 01, 2010

An Update - looking much better

Ryan called and begged me to post a new picture of Alexa. He said people are grossed out by the last one. Well, I understand! I was too!
So here is one I took 20 seconds ago.
Hair still in face. You would think I would learn
As you can tell, her swelling is down. She is looking SO much better.
Yesterday after lunch she started talking about throwing up and her fever spiked to 101.9. I freaked out. I called the burn center but they were not nearly as concerned as I was. Well, let me rephrase that. The nurse was, but the doctor wasn't. They asked if it looked infected or red around the edges. No more than usual. So they suggested I call her pediatrician to narrow out the stomach flu. mmm? ooookay.
So I called the pediatrician. She asked how long she'd had the fever, etc. About 20 minutes. Yeah, she was nice, but was like, "how can I narrow out the stomach flu? She needs to be sick longer than that. Call me tomorrow."
About an hour later the fever disappeared and she was fine. But I was a nervous wreck all afternoon.
We also went to Kohls to spend some Kohls cash on some shirts that can easily fit over her head. She begged my mom for some little ride on toy and my mom was suckered into it. How can you say no to a little cute thing with bandages that never complains?
She is still acting wonderfully. She is happy and rowdy as ever. She never complains or cringes when we clean her wounds twice a day. Really, she is a blessing.
Thanks for all your well wishes and love. You have no idea how much it means to us.


Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Aww, she looks so much better! What a little princess.

Lytles said...

She looks a whole lot better! We are still keeping your family in our prayers! Take Care

JACK's house said...

My goodness...she's adorable!

Elaine said...

So glad she's feeling and looking so much better.

Amy Johnson said...

Thank goodness! She still looks cute as ever!

Rustin & Kelsi said...

Hi Ryan, this is Kelsi - from way back at Zions days! I just started back up again in closing helping out until they get another permanent full time employee - arranged by Dereck. (I have another part time job as a flight attendant that I don't want to quit). Anyway, I was told about your story and forwarded your blog. I'm sorry to hear about the event. It's a lesson for all of us. I'm glad things didn't turn out any worse. My husband said he thinks your little girl will still be adorable no matter what based on how cute she is in this picture!