Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Tree, and other musings

Last night as I was on my way out the door to attend a Relief Society Christmas dinner, I snapped this photo of our tree. Our sad tree that I can't get half the lights to work on. What is the point of "pre-lit" if it looks like this?
And what about that angel on top who doesn't want to man her post? She is constantly falling off.
Our third issue with this tree is the location. Since we have choir practice in our living room every Sunday, we couldn't put it there, so it is up against the window in our family room. It's kind of a weird spot.
Anyway, so I was one my way home from RS, thinking about this tree and my daughter, Ainsley. The two aren't related, that's just what was on my mind. :) I had this strong feeling as a gentleman was speaking about Mary that I needed to tell Ainsley how much her Heavenly Father loves her. I'm sure I've told her, but maybe not one on one serious, just pure love. It was a strong inspiration.
So I walked in the door and smelled something weird in my fresh, newly cleaned home. Couldn't put my finger on it.
Walked into Ainsley's room and did my thing. She was so happy and smiley. Then she said, "Brandon barfed."
Oh. That was the smell.
I went upstairs. Not only did he barf, but it was all over my brand spanking new, beautiful comforter. Dry clean only. Too big for my washer even so. I tried. And it was my side of the bed and carpet, too. Ryan did his best to clean it up. ~sigh~ At least it was on sale.
Merry Christmas! Have I told you lately that God loves you? He does!


JACK's house said...

moments like those sometimes i wish i could forget....'the barfing...not the telling your daughter that christ loves her' Merry Christmas my friend! me your new address...sent out christmas cards this year...except yours ;)

Lytles said...

That is a funny story.I know at the time it is not funny but I'm laughing because just last week Claire threw up in the car on the way to a store in Salt Lake. Of course we were on the freeway and I didn't have any wipes in the car. Luckily I brought another shirt and she was okay. She loves to throw up in her carseat for some reason.