Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Monday's Appointment

Just for the sake of documenting this whole burn process, I thought I would write a little about yesterday. As I stated before, Dr. Peck told us to email him a picture of Alexa's face every 3 or 4 days so he could check on her progress. Yesterday morning I sent him a picture and he is quick. He responded within 5 minutes. He said come in today. Call now. We need to do surgery.
Ugggh. I called and they said come now. So I called Ryan and told him to meet me there and hopped in the car with Alexa. The entire 45 minute drive to the Maricopa Burn Center I prayed. We have been fasting and praying, but this time I was very specific. I was praying that the doctors would be guided and led to make a good decision and that I would accept that decision.
I really didn't want surgery.
I felt as if enough time for a miracle hasn't past. I needed more time. So I prayed that they would be inspired.
After we arrived and started the check-up, Dr. Peck and Dr. Prathana began to waver on the surgery. They were torn. They explained that scarring would be less if they performed the surgery now, but the grafting would be more obvious. Waiting a year would have thicker, but more natural scarring. There was fatty tissues around the wound and they said it was more 3rd degree than they thought. It was not looking good.
Finally, Dr. Peck said he felt that we should wait. So did Dr. Pratha. They said to only see Dr. Pratha in the future, no other doctors and to keep sending them updates. (The other doctors may be a little more scalpel happy.)
I felt like this was really an answer to my prayers.
This morning there was so much blood. So much it was dripping. That's good! Blood is good!
So we are feeling confident in this choice, but worried about the thick scarring. I guess only time will tell.

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Meredith said...

Thank you for sharing - I am so worried about her, about you. Keep being strong - sounds like she is the example, right? Amazing how resilient they are.