Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas Miracle (Well, ups and downs)

I wanted to share our experience at Alexa's burn appointment last week.

First of all, two weeks ago when Ryan and I went we were told it would be around 3 more months of Silver treatments and twice a day cleaning. We weren't expecting much more than that this time, as well. But when the Dr. looked at her face she said it was amazing! She said we are now all done with Silver and are now only using Aquaphor on her. Ryan and I were shocked! Alexa has been telling everyone who asks her about her burn that Heavenly Father is healing her, and she was absolutely right! We were thrilled to have this miracle, we knew it was due to faith and prayers.

Unfortunately, a couple nights before she was complaing aboout a stomach ache. Well, not exactly complaining. More like screaming and writhing in pain. All night. Every night. They suggested calling her pediatrician because it could be caused to the ibuprofin usage.

I called Dr. Duke and she aggreed, thinking it was due to her sensitive stomach and the ibuprofin. And just so you know, it was only once a day and she hadn't had it for about a week! So we put her on prevacid, but it takes days to kick in. We tried every kind of immediate help - pepto bismal, tylenol, rolaids, tums, restricing fatty foods. Guess what - nothing worked. At all. For around a week I got no sleep. One night I actually sternly told her that I was sorry she hurt but if mommy didn't get SOME sleep she would die. Finally, at that point, Ryan took over. It was crazy! She has a really high pain tolerance and never complains, but this was different!

After 5 doses of prevacid and no relief, I spoke with my friend, who is a pediatrician. He said she shouldn't be in so much pain still and suggested some other causes. She also said to call the Dr. back and have Alexa checked out. But it was Christmas Eve. I put in a call with the answering service anyway and talked with her on the phone. It was so upsetting to me. She said the problem may be psychological, like PTSD or something. She also suggested that Alexa may not know what hurts and it may be something else all together. Well, that is just silly. I agree that some 2-year-olds may not know their body parts or how to communicate, but Alexa is exceptional. She can communicate it all!

I was so frustrated. But (oddly enough) she stopped crying that night. And hasn't since. I honestly don't know if the meds finally kicked in or if it was some stomach virus, but it made for a nice Christmas Eve!


JACK's house said...

Yeah for little miracles ;)I'm so glad she's doing so much better!

Lytles said...

Wow that is a miracle! I'm glad to hear you are getting more sleep!