Sunday, December 12, 2010

Barf-fest, 2010

This is how the night began. Nice, beautiful, warm.

We invited some friends of ours to visit the Mesa Temple with us and see the lights. We were having a lovely time until we walked into the visitor's center.
We decided to see the 6 minute long movie Luke 2. We walked into the theater and sat down. As soon as the sister missionary began talking, it began. Alexa's weeks worth of undugested food. It just kept coming and coming. And coming.
Ryan was holding her. What does a dad do when a kid upchucks? He holds her out, so as not to get dirty. It worked, but I saw the vomit projectiling towards the ladies head in front of me.
What does a mom do when a kid pukes? She holds her in. So I grabbed her and ran out the door. Barf everywhere. down my shirt, on my leather jacket, all over my feet (I had flipflops on), my pants, my hair. You name it. Of course, the Visitors Center locks all public bathrooms during Christmas time. As she was STILL throwing up in the hall and I was obviously covered, a sister ran to get the keys. Wow is all I can say. We had to leave our friends at the temple and drive home with a naked baby wrapped in a leather jacket and mom completely covered in barf.
Did I mention it's a 45 minute drive to our house?

After a night with no sleep (It continued ALL night), we woke to a sick Ainsley. Her turn. I can't tell you how much barf we have cleaned up this week.
Anybody jealous?


Lytles said...

All I can say is that I'm sorry! Not fun! I hope you don't get sick!

Melissa said...

Wow. There are just no words to express the amusement at the mental picture you created and the grossness of throwup in your hair and the empathy I feel for you cleaning up all that mess. I hope Brandon doesn't get it!

JACK's house said...

You are amazing at creating a picture....because I sure could picture Ryan holding her out and you holding her in running out the door. Kinda funny but then again not really. I am so sorry.....not fun!

Anonymous said...

Your dad and I had an agreement because he hated changing diapers.He said he would clean up all the throw-ups if he never had to change another diaper, so when you kids threw up in the middle of the night all over your beds, your covers, the carpet, yourselves, I just turned over in bed and smiled!!