Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve, 2010

This year for Christmas Eve we bought a TON of Mexican food from the Mexican Costco (Rancho Market) including tamales, salsa, tortillas, rice, guacamole, etc. Then we headed to our house for a party! We had a fire pit and told stories, etc. Brandon put all the parts of the nativity into a bowl and made us draw our part. He then gave us any costumes he had planned. Lucky grandma got camerman and narrator.

The shepherd and narrator

Mamo was the angel

Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus

The three wisemen

(side note: I am having so many problems with blogger lately! Anyone else having issues?I can't center the text or anything!)


Lytles said...

I like how you drew out names to decide parts. We might have to try that next year!

JACK's house said...

So were you a shepherd? I hope you had a fabulous holiday!