Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stolen Zoo photos

Today Alexa and I went to the zoo with Amy and Kiah. Alexa loved being able to take her time and enjoy it without the older kids dashing off to the next animal, hurrying her along. Alexa and Kiah are almost the same age and were so cute to watch interact.

Anyway, my battery was dead on my camera, so I stole these shots from Amy's blog. Thanks Amy!

Don't you just love those giraffe pictures? Totally worth $3 to get licked by an 18 inch tongue!


damagsmonkey said...

I have more-I've just been having so many problems download pics--but I'll get them to you. We had a blast, we should try to go at least once a month! I bought some felt last night and I'm so excited for next week!

TamaraLove said...

OH I MISS the zoo!!! How CUTE!!! Todd and I would sometimes sneak over there for secret dates when the kids were all in school. Is that bad?