Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to me (Sunday, Bloody Sunday)

Ryan surprised me with tickets to U2 for my birthday!
We had a blast, and here's my professional opinion and critique.
We saw U2 in Utah a few years ago and loved every minute of it. It was so sweet of Ryan to try to recreate that experience!
We started off with some local Sushi at a quick place down the street and were out of there by 6:30. The concert was in Glendale (about 50 miles away.) We figured it wouldn't hurt to miss a few minutes of the Black Eyed Peas. We saw them open for No Doubt in Vegas YEARS ago when I was prego with Ainsley. They're not my fave.
So off we left. No joke, the traffic was HORRIBLE TERRIBLE AWFUL. Ryan was starting to stress our at about 9:00 when we were still on the road. And people were not taking to heart the U2 lyrics on Beautiful Day when he talks about the traffic is stuck and you're not moving anywhere. Because they were not treating it like a beautiful day.
We got close to the stadium (Yes, I said stadium) and there was a huge sign that said PARKING $20. Are you kidding me? Ryan looked at me and asked, "How much money do you have?" $10. We are screwed! There was no turning back, though. Seriously. You couldn't move anywhere. I was about to offer the attendant my earrings or camera when we heard the best news yet. The lot was FULL! So they let us park with the limos in the $50 lot for free!
We walked in and (of course) had to take a potty break. I was laughing at the passed out girls getting medical attention in the corridor to the bathroom. Whoa!
We finally made it to our seats (Awesome ones, too! Thanks babe!) RIGHT INT TIME for U2 to come out. We missed not a thing. it was 9:20 pm. Everyone around us was already TOTALLY drunk and my camera ran out of batteries or I would have video taped some awesome dancing for you. :)
There were at least 4 times the number of people here than at the Delta Center, and it was at a stadium, so the sound was awful. Half the time Bonno was on some random key, off from the band. But it was still AMAZING!!!! Totally different thatn the little cozy concert in Salt Lake. I was in AWE at the number of people there and sound and the effects.

I learned some awsome political lessons about Iran and Burma (You know Bonno!) and loved the whole experience. I even TRIED to stay awake on the way home.
Great concert, great company!


JACK's house said...

I'm so glad you had so much fun on MY birthday :)

shay said...

Your description just brought back memories of when Wayne & I went to see U2 when I was 16 when 'Joshua Tree' came out...good times.... I love it that they are still the "IT" thing all these years later... gotta love 'em!

Meredith said...

My blog is almost done and my driving and parking story is pretty much the same. It took us 2 hours from Steve's office which practically is next door to the zoo! I saw the Pop Mart tour at Rice Ecles Stadium at the U in 1997.

Casey said...

Sounds like such a fun time! I remember my first U2 concert too at Rice Stadium & getting pushed down the then wooden stairs during Rage Against the Machine:} You and Ryan look so cute:}

Lytles said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to you last week! I'll try to catch you this week!