Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Columbus Day Hike

As we were all feeling a bit jealous of the colorful leaves the rest of the country is enjoying, we followed the advice of the newspaper and set off to find our own beautiful fall landscape here in AZ. The paper suggested Globe (the Pinal mountains.) Why not? It's only an hour away.

We were a bit disappointed. No color changes. ;(

The trails we followed (per the newspaper) were overgrown to say the least. We had to leave these trail markers everywhere to remember how to get back to the car. See that brush behind the kids? We inched through that. It's a trail. haha

Of course Alexa wanted to walk most of the way. Such a big girl.

Brandon was funny. He wouldn't touch the leaves or bushes and screamed like a girl everytime Ainsley teased him about seeing a bee or a snake. He constantly kept asking us what species of animals we were going to see.
Speaking of species, I was fascinated with the piles of scat we saw everywhere, wondering what wild animals were wandering around. I settled on Javelinas, but Brandon was sure they were mountain lions. So we disected the poop with a stick. No bones or fur, just berries. Am I gross or what? I have a video, but I will spare you.
We had fun together, but I wouldn't recommend Globe to ANYONE. Maybe next year we will try Payson or somewhere else. Anyone else doing anything fun for fall break?


JACK's house said...

Looks like you had tons of fun!! (your lucky, my husband had to work)

Lytles said...

At least you have the sunshine and spending time with the family! Looks like fun!

damagsmonkey said...

Yeah, I'd take Payson over Globe any day... Still looks like a fun time though. And Ryan's hat looks pink. LOL