Tuesday, October 20, 2009

block party 2009

We had the best block party ever this last weekend. It was over 100 degrees out, so we rented a dunk tank.
Which was also used as a front yard swimming pool.
We had a bounce house and a pinata...

Even face and body painting. And let me tell you, this was no ordinary face painting. She was GOOD! Even all the teen agers got in line.

Lots of food. Lots!

A cupcake walk and a prize walk. Bobbing for apples. Cookie decorating.

Lots of babies.

And LOTS of FUN!

Thanks to everyone for helping out! We had a blast!


Lytles said...

Wow it looks like summer! How Fun! What a great idea to have a dunk tank!

damagsmonkey said...

Way fun! You've got some great neighbors!

JACK's house said...

Looks awesome!

TamaraLove said...

How FUN is that?! Most of the people on our block are retired (and like in their 80's), so I don't think we will be having a block party any time soon. Although, I have got to say it is a very quiet neighborhood. No wild parties or anything. (: