Monday, November 23, 2009


Brandon has now lost his first teeth. In 2 days he has lost 2 (3?) teeth. He was so scared to lose the first, it just fell out at school. But the permanent was already half grown in.
Yuck. Can I say I hate other people's teeth?
Well, he also had 2 fused teeth. One large tooth with 2 roots. One root was gone, but the other was still attached. So the next day, Ryan told him he was flossing and wrapped the tooth with floss and pulled it out. Eeew. Blood, etc. Luckliy I wasn't there. I say leave it in the mouth until it falls. And now the tooth fairy is 3 (2?) teeth richer, or $3 dollars poorer. And Brandon is mad. He liked his double tooth.


damagsmonkey said...

I feel your pain, I can't stand teeth either! Congrats to Brandon though!

Lytles said...

I don't like teeth either! I'm glad you have Ryan just like I have Josh to take care of the kids teeth.