Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Feeling SO Martha part 2

I REALLY don't think any family actually read this blog... but if I am wrong, Julee, please shut your eyes. :)

Here are a few other handmade goodies for the family Christmas presents. I made these cute dolls for Julee's twins. One is still faceless, but I will change that. Alexa loves these and keeps trying to steal the brunette.

You probably have no idea what this is. It't for all the great grandparents. I made them these cute rice bags for ailing joints. The D rings are attached with velcro so they can go in the microwave, and the rice bags are inserted on the other side. There is an additional rice bag to be kept in the freezer. I LOVE the way these turned out and made one for Ryan, too. He uses a sock filled with rice and it's just not as cute.

I wish I could photograph this necklace better, but it's not in the cards. I've tried. The girl cousins all get these tile necklaces Ainsley and I made. (Not this particular one, however.) They are from glass tiles and scrapbook paper. We added resin, bails and chains.
It's been fun creating all of these presents! There are still more to come, but I am not quite finished.
Again, if anyone wants any patterns or directions, let me know. I will forward them or post them! I surely didn't make them up myself!


JACK's house said...

geez put me to shame ;)

damagsmonkey said...

Okay, the dolls are adorable!!! You have to teach me tomorrow!

Cat Jones said...

faceless dolls kinda give me the heebie jeebie's...these are super cute, them! awesome job!!

brittanyc said...

I absolutely love those dolls! What darling ideas all the way around! Good job, Whitney!

Lytles said...

Great gifts! I love homemade gifts; you always are so creative!

TamaraLove said...

Adorable!!! So, cute! What fun to be able to makes some of them with Ainsley too! (:

Mindy said...

Wow! I am so impressed with your little dolls. Seriously adorable!