Monday, December 14, 2009

the Nutcracker

Saturday we started a new tradition. Ainsley and I went with some friends to see the Nutcracker.

First, we went out to lunch at Oreganos. On my way out the door I asked Ainsley to grab my camera. "No, I'll grab MY camera." Fine. Whatever. We took a couple of pictures at the restaurant of the 3 girls and also the 3 moms.

On our way to the theater, Ainsley deleted all the pictures. "Well, it IS my camera, you know." Grrrr.

We got to the theater. The girls loved the costumes, the music. Other than the occasional "why can't anyone walk? Do they have to dance EVERYWHERE?" It wwas going pretty well.

Until the tights came on. Giggle giggle. Laugh laugh.

"Mom! Why don't those men wear UNDERWEAR????? You can practically see their TENDERS! YUCK!"

What could I say? I was thinking the same thing. Why is it that the girls have to wear tights, leotards AND tutu's, but the men can let it all hang out?


damagsmonkey said...

BAAHAAAHAAAA! Tenders is HILLARIOUS!!! And I don't know, even with the tights, leotard and tutu... that's still more of that lady than I needed to see! LOL

TamaraLove said...

LOOOLLL!!! That is awesome! I swear it sounds like you had my kids with you! (: It sounds like a fun tradition though, despite -tenders and all...

shay said...

We started that tradition too about 5 years ago... it lasted one year:) too fun though--definitely a must see... even if there's 'tenders' involved:)