Saturday, June 28, 2008

Memories of George Carlin

I probably don't seem to be the George Carlin type. You are absolutely correct. He wasn't my favorite person to listen to. Potty mouthed and all. :) So why am I sharing my memories? He was my neighbor growing up!!! Click on the map to see where we lived.

The funny thing about that is I totally forgot. When all this hype was made about his passing this week, I wondered why the name George Carlin hit something in my mind. Oh yeah! Duh! We lived in Bel Air until I was 12, so it's not like I remember him. So, here are my memories of George Carlin.

Firstly, my best friend across the street (the house that backs his) had a dog named Boomer. I LOVED this dog. He was poisoned by SOMEONE over the fence and died. hmmm.

Secondly, that house had so many parties. So many. And they were filthy, nasty, repulsive parties. Of course. Wasn't it George Carlin who opened the first SNL broadcast on TV and said he was high on Cocaine that whole week? The parties were so bad that my friend's brother, Barry, used to watch over the wall. And he wouldn't let his dad see. They were ronchy.

I suppose it wasn't the best neighborhood for kids, eh?

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