Friday, June 13, 2008

Baby Ulcer

Did you know that a baby can have an ulcer? Mine happens to have one! Yesterday she had whole bunch of blood in her poop. (Warning: Graphic poop description coming up!) It was old, brown blood, not new red blood. Upper GI apparently.
So, I took the baby and the diaper into the pediatric urgent care to check them out. (Of course, my Dr. was out of town!) You could smell that nasty thing all over the office!!!

Alexa was so good. She just lay there, smiling and cooing while they gave her a full examination. She captures hearts, that for sure!!!

Anyway, that's what it turns out she has! An Ulcer! Now, she is on medication for it. It's the same stuff they put you on for reflux (which she also has!)

So after performing so well, we returned home for a few screaming fests and her (and my!!!) first terrible night of sleep she's been born! Have any of you ever given Zantac to your kids? Does it cause sleeping problems? PLEASE SAY NO!!!


Karyann said...

Poor little alexa. kiss her from us. Connor was on it and we didnt notice any changes in his sleep. It didnt really help him though with reflu throwing up, but helped witht the pain of it.

shay said...

Whitney...Vivie was on zantac when she was just micro-preemie. It didn't cause sleeping problems at all. You may want to elevate Alexa when she sleeps by putting like 3 phone books under her crib mattress. She'll sleep a lot more comfy if she's not lying flat. That reflux really hurts them and that's what will make it tough to sleep. I'm glad you figured out the problem!

brittanyc said...

I have never heard of such a thing! What in the world causes that in babies? How long will she have to be on the medicine? Will the ulcer go away with the medicine? Scary!

damagsmonkey said...

So is she back to her sweet self now? Life's just not fair, a baby should not have to go thru all that. Don't adults eat chocolate for ulcers-or is that just on TV? I can bring you some brownies!

Our Family 5 said...

Whitney - I don't know if you remember me or not, I met you at Amy's Baby Shower. I was reading Amy's blog and saw yours so I thought I'd say "hi" -
My oldest daughter had GERD as a baby and was on Zantac until she could stand up and begin to walk. We bought a Cribe Wedge, which helps babies tummies.

I have no idea if it caused sleep issues - she has had sleep issues since day 1 - no joke. We are seeing a specialist in another month or two....

Good luck - I hope you r baby feels better soon!

Our blog is private, but I am more than happy to send you an invite, I just need your email address first, so feel free to email me at and I'll send one your way. Our Blog address is .

~ Natalie Evans

Laila said...

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