Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy 2 Months, Alexa!

I can't believe that my little one is 2 months already (actually it was on Monday.)The time is flying by!!!
Alexa is so darling, I wish you could all see her. She loves to babble. All day long she is talking and I have no clue who she gets that from. :) I love her chubby legs and her big brown eyes. Her smiles are contageous. Brandon is always saying, "Everyone loves my baby." It's true. Everyone loves his baby. Alexa also has long hair that sticks STRAIGHT up. Can you tell by the pic? It won't stay down for anything, although gell gives it a little more wave!!

Her nickname is NeNe (Nay Nay). This has nothing to do with a horse, either. When she cries she says Nay Nay over and over again. Nene is also baby in portuguese. Brandon and I started calling her that when she was doing that funny cry, and it stuck.

We went back to the Dr. yesterday to have her checked again. She is still having blood in her stool. The Dr. does't really think it is an ulcer like the Urgent Care did. Well, he didn't actually SAY that, but it was surely implied. So, we may have to take her to a GI specialist if it happens 3 more times. We're hoping that Zantac kicks in really quick!!!

For having tummy troubles, she is a fabulous baby. She is usually SOOOO happy and smiley. And for the record, she is now 10 lbs, 9 oz!!!!


damagsmonkey said...

She really is one of the happiest babies I've ever met! I was telling Mike, even when she's crying it's like quieter and more calm than Kiah's crying...I don't know maybe I just think Kiah's extra loud cuz she's mine! Alexa is definitely a sweetheart though!

Knapp family said...

Your family is so cute and what an adorable baby.
Jill Knapp