Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Amazing Jakes

We had a great time at Amazing Jakes on Monday. Our great friends that live across the street invited us to Jim's work day. It only cost $25 for all of us, and that included dinner. What a blast! I have to say after a couple of hours I was SOOOO tired. I can only handle that stress and noise for so long before I become SUPER grouchy. I don't handle Disneyland very well, either. My friend Brittany does great with 7 kids there, she is such a calm, easy going mom. Maybe I should pay her to take mine next time!!! What do you think, Britt?


brittanyc said...

I would totally go with your kids...and drag you along with us and you'd have a fabulous time!!! Which just put the idea into my head that we really should plan some sort of joint vacation sometime. WOuldn't that be fun? Chris really wants me to get out to Arizona with him sometime this year. I miss hanging out and laughing with you guys!

JACK's house said...

Looks like fun!@!@!@!

damagsmonkey said...

You know I love Disney, but I think Amazing Jakes would totally stress me out too! Looks like the kids had lots of fun though!