Saturday, June 07, 2008

Am I certain?

Do you all know who Kirby Heyborne is? He starred in those Mormon flicks like the RM and Singles Ward. Since, he has branched out and is a recording artist, been on Pirates, etc. He even used to be in our ward when we first got married. We weren't really friends, but we knew Trish and Kirby.

ANYWAY, I SWEAR I saw him in a beer commercial! What in the heck?
There will be some very disappointed groupies out there. I think it was Bud Light.

So here is my question. Would you be in a beer commercial even if you didn't have to drink beer in the shoot?


shay said...

Heck, if I was paid handsomely I'd do a beer commercial! kidding...

Wasn't one of the Hertford's in a rated R movie...and another one had to swear on screen? I could be wrong about the above, I guess you have to know where you'd draw the line BEFORE getting into a crazy, generally compromising industry like that.

damagsmonkey said...

Beer is nasty! I had it a few times before I joined the Church and it's seriously disgusting. So no, I would do a beer commercial on the principle of taste alone--nevermind the whole ethical thing! ;)

Alexander Family said...

That reminds me of Michael McClean's favorite singer for a few of his albums... John Batdorf. He struck it much more famous with his background vocals of the Bud Light Commercials for Real Men of Genius and Real American Heroes with the likes of Mr. Supermarket Free Sample Guy, Mr. Restroom Toiletpaper refiller, Mr. Parade Float Driver, Mr. Chinese food delivery guy, Mr. Garden Gnome maker,
Mr. Bass Plaque maker, Mr. Nudist Colony Activity Coordinator, Mr. Male Football Cheerleader, Mr. Parking attendant flashlight waver, Mr. Putt Putt Golf course designer, Mr. Inspirational Poster Writer, Mr. Footlong Hotdog Inventor, etc. This is just the beginning of my collection of these recorded gems of original awesomeness. So if I had the talent to both sing LDS genre music and turn around and record some Bud Light commercials like this, I would definitely do it. However, if you look at John's Biography, he mentions his Bud Light commercials not a once. So I don't imagine it's something he's super proud of after all.

brittanyc said...

I can't picture him as anything other than the bumbling missionary in "the best two years", so I'm sad he is doing beer commercials.

Meredith & Steve said... are friends with the great and near great...who knew? And for the record, no, I would avoid the appearance of evil. I would probably even decline a nude scene with Brad Pitt. (Though it would be tough...)

Cute pic of the kiddos in your header!!!!