Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kids Baby Photos




I wish I had some of Ainsley as an infant online, but I don't! She came before our digital camera. And, I don't have a scanner. This will have to do. Let me know who you think Alexa looks like!


JACK's house said...

I think she looks like Ainsley...But hey what do I know :o)

Hoopes Home said...

Ainsley .....But what do i really know Because i havent seen her yet dangit!

brittanyc said... you've gone and changed my opinion a bit. That first picture looked JUST like Brandon. But in the one with the other kids she sure did resemble her big sister! Either way, she's beautiful!

Meredith & Steve said...

Hard to say...from her first pictures in the hospital it looked like she has Ainsley's eyes.

cousincassidy1996 said...

I think she looks EXACTLY like Ainsley!!!