Friday, May 02, 2008

Chicken Pox

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Annoyances! I need to use this post to vent. There is a kid in Brandon's preschool class who has the chicken pox. Here's the annoying part. His family doesn't believe in immunizations, so they sent him over to his cousins to "catch" the pox. THEN, they sent him to school. Can you believe that! WHO in the world would purposely catch the pox and then try infect everyone else in the world? I remember moms doing that when I was a kid, but we were all quarantined for 2 weeks. You don't just send them out back to regular life!

Here's the kicker. In Brandon's class, there are 3 other kids who aren't immunized, and 2 of their moms have infants at home. There are also 4 pregnant women, and us, with an infant at home. Chicken pox can be fatal if contracted in the first week of life. Great. Brandon is immunized (in fact has been twice!) but the Dr. said he can still be a carrier and bring it home. So, now he can't touch the baby for 2 weeks, or go to school for 2 weeks. I am bugged.

I almost want to call the woman and yell at her! (Unfortunately she is a good friend of mine's sister!) Do you all think I am an emotional mess making a big deal out of nothing (We all have had the post partum hormones!), or do you side with me?


Hoopes Home said...

that stinks, but connor ashley and ethan were all imunized, and connor and ethan still got it. most people dont realize that you can still get it with shot.... and if brandon was exposed then baby alexa is too. its dormant for like 18-20 days before it even shows up. its just that time of the year and it sucks having a newborn at home with that going around..How are you feeling?

JACK's house said...

I side with you and I really don't think it's the post pardum thing. People are retarded. I would be LIVID. You DO NOT mess around with things like that when you have a newborn. Whatever you do, I think you are completely justified. Take care and let us know if anything goes on.

brittanyc said...

You know me...I tend to be a hypochondriac of sorts, so this would put me into panic mode. I would be SO ANGRY!!! It's hard to believe that some people are so rude and thoughtless and think nothing of it. I'm sure she has no idea she even did anything worth taking offense of. Let us know if your kids get anything.

Meredith & Steve said...

Oh, I got to send the chicken pox memo home today from primary because we figured out that he broke out on Tuesday, not Wednesday like I thought, meaning he could have been contagious at church on Sunday. (It is contagious 1-2 days before symptoms appear!)