Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm back!

Thanks to Ryan for updating yesterday. He was nervous :)
Things went really well, but I am glad I am done. She is beautiful, but VERY hairy. We thought she looked more like Brandon, but as we were looking at baby photos today, she looks a lot like Ainsley, too. I'll post some baby shots of them tomorrow and you can let me know what you think.
Labor and delivery went well, I loved my epidural. About 5 hours After she was born we went for a nice walk around the floor. I felt SOOOOO good. I seriously have not felt that great after delivery, EVER!
The nurses were shocked. A little later, I was feeling a little worse. I commented on this to the nurse. She asked if I wanted another Loritab. ANOTHER loritab? I didn't know I had any! THAT'S why I felt so good. Since then, I've been a little sore, but not too bad.
We were lucky to have both of the kids grandparents here. By chance, Ryan's dad was here on business, and my mom drove up from California. The kids were thrilled.
Alexa had to have her stomach emptied as she was gagging and not feeling too great. I could just tell, you know, the mom thing. So, they found tons of fluid in her stomach. Amniotic, I guess. She still isn't feeling that great, and though we are home, she is having lots of stomach aches. Hopefully, she's feeling better tomorrow.
Have a great night, I am heading to bed!


Teresa said...

Congratulations, Sims family! Your Alexa is beautiful. Thanks for posting all the great photos. Glad you are home. Lots of love from the Andersons!

JACK's house said...

She is just beautiful. (Love the picture w/ your mouth wide :o) )Congratulations again. Your kids seem to be just beaming. Get lots of rest.

Alexander Family said...

Congratulations! Now you can officially change your banner instead of Baby, you can put her name. Great name by the way. Maybe we'll steal that one too. Just kidding.

Hoopes Home said...

everyone looks so great! your mom, the baby, the kids are so excited, yeah she's here!!! we love you guys

Meredith & Steve said...

What great family pictures! I thought she looked like Ainsley - it is in the eyes from what I can tell but I don't know your family that well. Glad you are feeling good!