Sunday, April 27, 2008

Eating at Church, Coordination, and Baby Butts

A few funny things happened this week. I can't let them slip by.

First, last Sunday when we were at church, Brandon got all excited after the bread and water were finished. "Why are you so glad to be done with that?" I asked. "Because now we are done with Sacrament and can move on to SNACKrament. Pass me the goldfish, please!"

Secondly, Ainsley cam home from school on Monday thrilled that her PE teacher paid her a compliment. "She told me I match very nicely today." Ainsley has this thing about matching clothes, shoes, and hair accessories. Always has. Sometimes they don't really match, but she is the fashion police I tell you! Anyway, I thought that was really weird for a PE teacher to say. "What did she tell you?" "She said I am very coordinated." :)

Last,BUTT not least, today Ryan was commenting on how big Brandon is getting. He said, "Brandon, maybe it's because I have been looking at babies, but you sure do look big today!" "Dad, why are you looking at babies butts?" What? Reread that and you will figure it out. I guess he paused in the wrong spot. Maybe it's not funny written. Sorry! I guess you had to be there!


JACK's house said...

Ok I laughed...But cameron just rolled his eyes.

brittanyc said...

Well what the heck is Ryan looking at baby butts for? It's a valid question! Kids are hilarious.

Meredith & Steve said...

So, you were at church right after having the baby or was that before you had the babe? Since I get my ol' c-section, going to church right after is not in my plan!