Thursday, April 10, 2008

What I did to induce labor today

I am such a nerd, I know. But I thought I would try this. DESPERATION!

I am not showing this picture of Brandon's room just so you can see what it looks like. I actually moved the solid wood bed, TV and cabinet, train table and dresser ALL BY MYSELF.

So far it hasn't worked. She's perfectly happy in there, I guess.


JACK's house said...

hehehe try walking. (One another note, you need to be careful. :)

shay said...

You silly girl! I think 10 lb. babies are dreamy:) But of course it's only because of my last experience. Yeah, I realize I'm saying this to a pregnant hot Arizona!!!

Meredith & Steve said...

Just gotta keep tryin'! I painted the kitchen Wednesday (still more to finish) but Steve came home and said "Did YOU move the fridge and stove?" "Of course." I said. "How else was I going to paint behind them and have you seen how filthy it gets under there? Someone had to clean it!"

My back is hurting today. A lot.

Hoopes Home said...

WOMAN,. youre going to hurt yourself...( but i would have done the same thing)! love ya

Meredith & Steve said...

Hey - it was fun to see you's to something working out for you soon!!!! (Me, well, I ended up on top of my counters AND refrigerator painting again - the top half of the kitchen. Baby doesn't seem to care! I felt a whole lot worse standing up to do two sharing time lessons today!)