Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Fun

Sorry for this long post, but it's been a while since I've talked about something other than being pregnant. We all deserve more than that, right?

Because it is our last Saturday as a family of four, we all went to Tumbleweed Park and had a blast. Of course, Ainsley saw two teachers from her school (that is like DEATH!!!) but other than that, they had a great time. We had a couple of other things planned for the day, but the kids were pooped! So, we called it a day and came home. Who would think they could tire out before their prego mom?

Ainsley still hates getting her picture taken, so there are more photos of Brandon. I wonder if she will ever grow out of that? I remember being at that stage in life.

Speaking of Brandon, he is SOOOO hilarious. Last week he was at our neighbors house playing when their dad came home from work. They have this ritual of who gets to bring Dad a beer when he comes in the door. The kids were fighting over it, when Brandon started to lecture them on the dangers of beer. He also told them it is against the Word of Wisdom, and they shouldn't EVER have it in their house. He seriously went on for like 5 minutes. Sara (the mom) was trying hard not to laugh at my little 5 year old. She and Jim told him thanks and that it is good to stand up for what he is taught in his house. Funny, huh?

Then, last night Ryan was playing Chocolatier (some computer game) with Brandon on his lap. Brandon asked what the coffee beans were. When Ryan told him, he said it wasn't good to make coffee chocolate and we should never have it in our house!

I guess our family home evenings actually work!


JACK's house said...

It's amazing when you don't think they're listening, they do something like Brandon and then you come away thinking that hey, maybe we are good parents.
ps. where are the pictures of you? :) Good luck on tuesday.

Hoopes Home said...

Funny little man! I know that family home evenings work, your kids speak out just like mine and I love that!