Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello? Our phone etiquette night

Back in the old days my little sis Sally used to answer the phone with the loudest hello you ever did hear. Then she would ignore the caller and start licking the phone.

Things aren't too different in the Sims' household. Here is a more typical scenario. Ainsley answers. "hello?" Then without another word she drops the phone on the counter or looks for me while the caller is wondering if anyone is still there. She says she is too shy to say "just a minute please." And if Brandon answers (And that is a big IF as he will let the phone ring for hours) he yells, "huh? What? Huh?" Over and over.

So for our family home evening on Monday we decided to have a lesson on phone ettiquette. We went over proper things to say and I brought the 2 cell phones in to use as practice.

This is about how it went.
Ainsley: Hello?
Dad: Hi, can I speak with Brandon please?
Ainsley: I'm sorry, he can't come to the phone, he is taking a dump.

Try again in the midst of laughing and rolling on the floor.

Brandon: Hello?
Mom: Hi can I please speak to your dad?
Brandon: No, he's stuck on the toilet.

hee hee giggle giggle.
With 10 minutes of practice phone calls, at least 95% consisted of bathroom business. Alexa even got in on it.

So here is my question for you today? What makes PooP so funny?


TamaraLove said...

Oh, you brought me back!!! We had MANY phone etiquette bonding moments. One of my favorite memories - really happened, wasn't a pretend conversation.

Logan had just gotten his braces on that day. Todd and I ran to the store to get something (so we WERE NOT HOME). We had told the kids they weren't allowed to tell people if they called we weren't home, just say we weren't available.

Well.... Logan answered the phone while we were gone. It was his Orthodontist calling to see how the new braces were doing, and wanted to speak to me or Todd. Well, instead of telling the Ortho - my parents aren't available at the moment, what does MY son tell the ORTHO??? He tells the Ortho, I am sorry, but my parents are in the shower together! Yep, that's what he said... I can just imagine what the ortho thought...

Lytles said...

Oh yes we too had a FHE on that topic and it went just fine! At least I thought it did until last week when a girl called my oldest and he didn't want to talk to her so he put the phone down on the couch and left the room. I think we need to have another FHE on that topic.

Amy Johnson said...

That's hillarious!

Sally Fay said...

Don't hate because I'm the cutest!! (Said at the top of my lungs as I lick my keyboard)