Saturday, June 05, 2010

Ainsley's first diving meet

Ainsley had her first diving meet this morning. At 6:00 am. Totally serious. I about died.
She was pretty disappointed in herself, but I thought she did pretty well considering she hasn't ever done it. Dived, dove, whatever you say in proper English. She was pretty ticked that she only got a participation award and wanted to rip it up, but I reminded her that we can get better every meet and there is nowhere to go but up from here!

Here is her last dive. She gave everyone a heart attack, thinking she hit her head on the board. Of course I stopped the camera because I wanted to check, but the judges ran up to the side of the pool to make sure she was good. And the crowd was filled with loud "UHHHHH's", gasps and lots of adrenaline.

Her score? I think 3.5, 3 and 3. Like I said, she'll progress!

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Casey said...

That is amazing! She should be so proud of herself!