Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just another one of those DON"T JUDGE ME Days

So, what SHOULD I be doing? Probably packing. But I didn't. I wasted time today making a really cool Land of Nod style bean bag. But don't judge me, k?
So while I was doing that, my little one got into the shampoo. But don't judge me, k? And in case you are wondering, YES she is wearing a halloween shirt. It was one of those days.
Then, I bathed her (with LOTS of water!) and about 20 minutes later I found her like this.

Yep, that's shaving cream in my kitchen. So Don't judge me, k? We used it for mommy school this morning to help Brandon with his writing skills. And I didn't clean it up well enough. Maybe I should pay a little more attention to the little one. hmmm. Or maybe she should have taken a nap. Blah, just another one of those days.


JACK's house said...

I had to judging going on here...tomorrow will be better :)

Lytles said...

sigh......I know those days!

jani dalton said...

Well of course she's creative. Just like her mother!!

Amy Johnson said...

Well, ignoring is better than yelling (like I was doing all day). LOL Or ignoring her to watch reruns of Glee online (also, how I spent my day). Did you get alot done on your bean bag at least??

TamaraLove said...

Oh! When we moved when our kids were young. I swear packing meant 'fair game to wreak as much havoc as possible' to the kids. I called poison control twice for Krystin when we moved when she was 18 months. She is a fast little munchkin - boy that tube of bubblegum toothpaste was yummy, and then she grabbed some 409 and was sucking on it. Sheesh. She was fine, but seriously - she was RIGHT next to me!