Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Dinner Recipes - Ryan's Guest Post

So lately, we've been trying to find new recipes that our kids will eat...something beyond Top Ramen and Pizza...the sole items we would eat if they had their choice. We're desperately trying to find at least 30 meals that they will eat. Today's attempt was a Chicken Crock Pot Curry recipe that we found on the internet. It was made with chicken, and apples, and sliced bananas, and curry powder, and coconut milk. How could you go wrong with that combination?

Here's how it went. As soon as Ainsley sat down at the table, she looked at the curry creation and said:

"WHAT is THAT?!?!?!"

"It's chicken curry." I said with a smile.

"Well, it looks like bird crap! I'm not eating it."

I politely told her that she was going to eat it...and everyone was going to eat it or else no one was going to be allowed down from the table. Just about this time, Brandon was almost at the table. Once he heard that everyone would be held hostage at the table, he darted off to his room, screaming:

"I wasn't ever AT the it doesn't count for me!"

We trudged on. During the prayer, even 2-year old Alexa got in on the act. Right in the middle of blessing the food, Alexa screamed out "Dad, No THAT! No THAT!" pointing to her food.

Ainsley eventually tried the food, with her nose pinched closed the whole time. She was teaching her cousin Jake her technique.

"Jake, you have to plug your nose the whole time, then once you swallow, you have to drink some water. Once you've swallowed the water, it'll be safe to unplug your nose again. Try it!"

Jake kept commenting about the food being "Crud" and "barf" and "toxic."

"Yeah," Ainsley piled on, "It's so toxic it's glowing yellowish green."

Eventually we did get through the blessed Sunday meal. Immediately after, the kids all darted off to get bowls of cereal. I guess that recipe isn't making the cut.
Help us out...send us your best kid friendly children will be forever grateful.


JACK's house said...

Are you serious? Kid friendly consists of anything with 'cheese' in it at my house. good luck. (my kids however have always eaten anything that is placed before them)

TamaraLove said...

ROFL!!!!! Wow, that is awesome. I swear my kids are totally like - "uhm, yah, I think I am fasting, yes I am fasting. In fact, I think I will be fasting FOREVER if that is what is for dinner." Sad, they are totally missing out - I love chicken curry!

Teachinfourth said...

Mac & Cheese with hot dogs…

or Ketchup.

BTW, I arrived here via cjane.

karen said...

Could I get that recipe? it sounds delish!! miss you--you guys closed escrow yesterday?!!

haven't seen you in ages. we gotta catch up. preferrably over thai food.

Anonymous said...

Ginny Shields raised her kids on soup and sandwiches. Which soups do your kids lilke? Chicken noodle, tomato made with milk?
For sandwiches try grilled cheese, ham, bologna, salami, pb&j, pb & bananas. Jake will eat a whole can of salmon or tuna, with or without mayo. Love ya, mom

Meredith said...

Mine eat salmon...and broccoli...and salad...and pretty much whatever I put in front of them. They eat or they don't eat. I don't know what is wrong with your kids. :) This week we have had: Grilled Steaks, etc for Father's Day, penne pasta with cheesey/alfredo sauce, (meatless monday), chicken sausages from costco on a wheat bun, fajitas, and tonight we are having a zucchini/goat cheese grilled pizza,(meatless thursday.) Caroline is my pickiest eater and sometimes only eats half what I give her but she tries it all. Lindsay is my best eater. Kate pretty much turns whatever I serve into swiss cheese, so full of bites and holes. I rarely cook kid friendly. I mean, once in a blue moon we have regular hot dogs or mac & cheese but it is rare. I personally am not a huge fan of curry and have never done it for my kids but they LOVE Japanese Yakisoba - with about 15 kinds of vegetables and buckwheat noodles. Good luck guys - it is so hard!!