Saturday, June 05, 2010

The last project I am going to show you (for a while...)

I recovered my outdoor cushions!

I took a picture of the old cushions. Faded and ripped and yucky. But true to form, Ainsley deleted all videos and pics from my memory card. :)

Here's the thing. I couldn't imagine paying so much for new ones! I had this old fabric lying around.
I looked up a bunch of tutorials on recovering cushions, but HELLO! I can't sew that well! Seriously! They were so confusing! I don't even know what a zipper foot is, let alone how to put it on!
So, I decided to utilize my knowledge. What CAN I do? I can sew straight lines, and pillows. That's about it. I figured cushions are just big pillows! I made big pillow covers with envelope closings, then squared off the edges. It worked perfectly! I didn't even pin. Haha.
I did by a little extra sunbrella fabric for the throw pillows. It cost me about $20. What do you think?


Casey said...

Love it!!!

JACK's house said...

I like them :)

Anonymous said...

You sure know how to make old look new! ANd maybe the fabric was old but it was pretty!! You got it from me so of course I think it is pretty and it was decorator fabric so it's good quality besides!!
So, you sure know how to stage your house. Wish you were here to do mine!! loveya, mom