Friday, August 28, 2009

Secret videos I found on my memory card...

As I was looking for pics for my previous post, I found these great videos produced by Ainsley and Jenna. With the sole purpose of embarassing her, I thought I would share. (Note to children: If you don't want to be embarassed, don't use your moms camera.)


Yeah, she's got some moves. Her dad taught her how to dance.


And let me introduce you to the fine art of Marker Wrestling. Green v. Black


damagsmonkey said...

Too Funny! I'm all about embarassing the kids. And I must say-I would pay good money for a stuffty of the hammer from Handy Manny... the claw rules!

Melissa Erickson said...

Very cute and funny! I found some great videos on my laptop awhile ago. I guess they were testing out the webcam.

Nemelka said...

I have to admit that I Always check your blog first to see what Ainsley/Paige? has done lately! She is a crack up!! Maybe you should start a blog called something like Ainsley's latest Adventure or something!!! I love it!