Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finished cabinets, finally posted

I really wish I could get these to look in the pictures like they do in real life.

Anyway, remember the oak before? (see previous post?)
Here are the finished products:

The beadboard doesn't look weird like the photo. It's just a pixel thing or something.

Here is the front. They are off white, with antique finishing.

They look way better in the actual bathroom, but I am glad I didn't start right away with my kitchen. I learned a few things. Like I really should have used my electric hand sander instead of my hands and sandpaper.

So here are the details in case anyone is interested. Here is where I bought my paint.
It was under $50 for the whole kit. Paint, gloves, sandpaper, brush, toner, etc.

I want to tell you I did this project in less than 2 hours (accumulated), for less than $50. And I have enough paint for my other 2 bathrooms. What a deal.
1) I did NOT take off my cabinets. My hinges are hidden and easily taped over. So why make life harder than necessary? Ryan was ticked about this. He REALLY wanted me to take them off.
2) I did NOT sand my cabinets or prime my cabinets. Caromal Colors paint says you don't need to. The paint sticks to ANYTHING. Yay for me!
3) I painted with their brush. Alexa helped. The paint is SOOOOOO think. Thicker than Mayonaise. I added a little water, stirred and painted. Then, the next day I painted it again. Each time was less than 30 minutes. Perfect for nap time. I still had time for other things while she was asleep. (days 1 & 2)
4) I sanded. Then I wiped off the dust. (day 3)
5) I painted on the toner. Wiped off with wet cloth.
6) I used wipe on Min-Wax polyurethane (about $8 at home depot). Wiped it on with a rag. (after kids were in bed on day 3)
7) lightly sanded the poly, then wiped it on again.

And if you were wondering, I did do this to the beadboard wallpaper, as well. I used a finer sandpaper just in case, but did everything else the same.

This was a really FUN project for me. I can't wait to do the next bathroom. Some day I will feel confident enough to move to the kitchen. ;)


damagsmonkey said...

What a great deal!! (I would expect nothing less from you though) I'll have to come see them in person, it's hard to tell in the pics. But I'm sure they look fantastic!

Luke Lytle said...

What a project! Looks great! Good job Whitney!

David said...

it looks awesome!

brittanyc said...

Whitney, I love this! Great work, what a difference!!

JACK's house said...

K Whitney I am impressed yet again....what can you not do?