Friday, August 21, 2009

clothing swap

We attended a neighborhood clothing swap yesterday. Everyone brings the clothes that no longer fit, and we swap! Anything left over goes to charity. I got there early to help set up, best choices, you know?

Well, I found these ugly mens dress shirts (I knew they would end up donated at the end of the morning) with the purpose of making play dresses for the girls.
Well, I got through the first steps, but needed Ainsley (Paige?) to try it on to see how long to make the straps. She LOVED it as a skirt. Wore it to school today. How funny. And see the new boots? She also scored a pair of patent leather Nordstrom brand new mary janes and a few t's. I scored some almost new shoes!

Alexa got these Nike water shoes, which she wont take off. She wore them to bath and to sleep. And I thought I would throw in this photo because she has been wearing my sports bra around all morn.
ps what the heck is B doing with his finger?


JACK's house said...

don't children just make you laugh? :)

Lytles said...

Great idea! Our neighborhood is going to do a costume swap for Halloween. I think it will be a great idea!

damagsmonkey said...

Too cute! Kiah's been walking around in my bras too! What's with these kids?